It takes a lot more than an idea to build a business, but there can’t be a business without the idea. So we asked folks who’ve built wonderful businesses to tell us about how they came up with the idea in the first place.

Daniele Petersen | Yoga Instructor & Circus acrobat

If your eyes sparkle and your heart flutters, keep going. Listen to your heart, it will guide you to your deepest desires of your soul. Read more>>

Alli Caulfield | Founder & Creative Director, Trio Creative Studios

Trio Creative Studios originated from a love of creativity and helping small businesses thrive. I studied advertising in college and saw all the resources that large ad firms gave to big corporations to help them scale. Huge teams of art directors, designers, and copywriters worked on each project. Read more>>

Theresa Martis | Mental Health Advocate & Baker

WAVE-BANDS “Wave-bands” is the brand that offers color-coded jewelry we can wear to show our emotions to others. The idea for developing Wave-bands was born in 2019 when I reflected on my life trying to find a solution to the nagging questions of “how are you”, “what’s wrong” and unspoken emotions that I wasn’t sure how to share with the people around me, the people I loved, those I seeked closeness with. Read more>>

Sebastian De la Begassiere – Keitel | Creative Director

As a Broadcast Journalism Major at SMU, I had always loved clothing, but never planned to start a clothing brand. By senior year in college, I had grown tired of traditional button down shirts, and wanted a more causal option. Having spent time in Egypt as a kid – where my some of my cousins lived, I was fascinated by tunics and Egyptian workwear. Read more>>

Rachel Sartori | Embodiment & Wholeness Coach

After a client session this morning, I said to myself, “And THAT is why I do what I do.” I felt clear, confident, on point and ready to keep going. I love feeling that way. But it isn’t always so. Sometimes I feel drained, incompetent, clueless about what I’m doing and ready to throw in the towel. As an entrepreneur, I live very closely with the question of, “Should I keep going or should I go ahead and give up?” Read more>>

Christen Wallace | Content creator & micro influencer

Creating content and trying to produce that piece that you think will for sure bring in the followers, and brand deals then boom! Your hard work gets like 20 likes, or 10 views. It’s disheartening, right? But what keeps me going is those 20 likes and 10 views! Someone appreciates my content, someone is cheering for me and wanting to see my creative. I didn’t start a YouTube or my Instagram with the intention of making money or fame. It was for me, my outlet to be creative and my hobby I decided to share with others, and if it just happens to resonate with a bigger audience then great! If not, then I’m going to keep going with the reminder that I’m being authentically me for whoever gets to see this, and enjoys it! Read more>>

Kaliyah Killens | Personal stylist/Shopper and Fashion Designer

Good things take time to gain momentum, an audience and a return (on investment). I constantly receive signs from the universe, God, my community and even strangers to keep going. Affirming words, making sales, angel numbers, and even opportunities like this keep me going. It’s time to give up when I stop receiving those confirmations or I lose passion and drive. Read more>>

Raza | Artist & Producer

I’ve loved music my whole life. I’ve been working at my career in music for 6 years now. When I have the feeling of “is this worth it” “do people care what I’m making” “do I give up” I remember. I remember my story, the people I’ve met in this industry, every milestone that gets me one step closer. I remember how the process is more important then the destination. Even though it crosses my mind more than others think, in reality, I will never give up. Read more>>

Grace Mia | Editorial and Runway Model

I know to keep going when I notice a sense of growth within myself whether that is after a photo shoot or a runway show. I feel a sense of greatness and motivation which keeps me going. When a new opportunity presents itself, I take it and run with it because I never know if I’ll get the same opportunity twice. When I am in the moment and having my pictures taken or strutting down the runway I just know that I am right where I am supposed to be- I was made to do exactly what I am doing. Read more>>

MG Ommert | Music Photographer

This is an interesting question! Pursuing a career in the creative fields isn’t easy, and sometimes it’s hard to keep going. I think that is because in tying my creative pursuit to my career life, I’m tying part of myself to my career life. I feel like there is a little piece of me in every photo I produce, whether I like it or not. It can tear me down if I don’t like the photos, but also, I find that partially is what drives me. Y’know, like the idea that people aren’t just buying photos. They’re buying MY photos – it shows that there’s something style-wise that only I can offer. Read more>>

Janeive Hodges-Palesano | Creator of Hardly Perfect Design

My sister Nohea is my inspiration. Anytime I feel like giving up I remember why I started. I want to grow Hardly Perfect Design to a successful business that is all inclusive for kids and adults with developmental disabilities. My sister brings something special to the table and I enjoy sharing it with the world. I started this business with what little savings I had and I believe where there’s a will there’s a way, so as long as we are both enjoying ourselves I’m going to keep on trying. I wouldn’t change the experience I’m getting, not just running a business but working with my sister. If you’re learning it’s never wasted time. Read more>>