TV, Movies, and culture in general sometimes paints a narrow, specific image of what success is, but we know from our conversations with some of the best and brightest that success can mean vastly different things to different people.

Jocelyn & Aaron Freeman | Relationship Coaches & Authors

Success is when you are experiencing yourself continually grow as an individual, and when you are in a healthy, thriving partnership. Success isn’t as much about the “outer” results but the inner transformation. So often, people sacrifice their romantic relationship for their goals and they think success will then lead them to have a great relationship. That’s not the case. Creating a thriving relationship at home is the foundation of success in all areas of your life. Read more>>

Megan Fant | Artist

Success to me is the determination toward a goal, despite obstacles or failures along the way. With persistence, failure is actually success in disguise. Through trail and error, learning from mistakes and continuing on the path to reach the goal. Regardless if you reached your goal or not, this famous Star Wars quote explains for itself, “Do or do not, there is no try.” Read more>>

Annie Dunn | Computer Graphics Aficionado and Feline Philanthropist

Some years ago a young woman came in to my booth and told me that she had previously bought some of my work. It was the one with the skeleton sneaking through the forest. She told me that she picked it out because she was going through cancer treatment at the time, and looking at the artwork every day helped her face the possibility of death.  I remember stammering some kind of response. It should have been better, something more empathetic, but I was just so completely unprepared. This was the first time I can remember being made truly aware of the potential impact of what I do. She probably never knew this, but her brief visit changed me.  I’ve been told similar stories since, about personal struggles, the loss of beloved pets, and sometimes just the joy of looking at something every day that makes a person feel happy. Read more>>