Most people say they want success, but when you ask them what success means you get wildly different responses. We recently asked some of the best and brightest in our community to tell us about how they define success and have shared their responses below.

Cody McLendon | Owner of The Blind Guy AZ

Being comfortable enough financially to be able to prioritize your time with family and to be able to help others and be generous. Read more>>

Chris Schille | Designer

For me it’s a feeling. Anytime you can look back on your day and feel good about what you’ve done you have to call it a success. Each day is different and that’s the beauty of it. Some days are easy and others not so much, if you can find something in each one of them to feel good about I’d say that’s a success. Read more>>

Black Productionz | Filmmaker

Hard work, dedication, determination, family, discipline, respect, encouragement, commitment!!!! Read more>>