Many books on startups and business talk about how there are right and wrong reasons for starting a business. So, we asked a handful of successful founders about their reasons and the thought-process behind starting their business.

Victoria Albino | REALTOR® & Lifestyle Influencer

Maximizing my personal freedom and work flexibility along with my desire to creatively flourish at my own pace is what led me to start my own Real Estate business. As I reflected on both my personal and professional goals, I realized that Real Estate was a perfect avenue to achieve everything I had in mind from a healthy work life balance, to creating relationships and carving a pathway. for all around growth and success. Read more>>

Beau Leone | Photographer, Social Media Expert, and Website Developer

When I first started my business, Beau Leone Photography, I did it to make extra money, and to travel. Being inspired by other photographers that have started their own business like Chris Burkard and Trashhand gave me the mold on what it takes to be successful in this industry. I have a long way to go. Read more>>

Matt Balogh | Owner & Founder

My thought process when starting Nomadic was to combine my two passions in life, Baseball & Travel, and create a platform that would impact youth baseball players around the world. I wanted to provide life changing opportunities for international players who dreamed of competing at the college or professional level someday. Read more>>

Inbal Claudio | Tech Founder

Along with Like Minded Collective, I also own a luxury candle company – Goldwick Candles. After having my first baby, I wanted to get into the influencer marketing space with my candle company and realized that it was a bigger struggle than I had anticipated. Either the platforms were too expensive, or my business wasn’t large enough. I felt like I was being overlooked. I wanted to create a community-driven environment for underrepresented influencers and small businesses. A place where the pricing is affordable, the platform is easy to use and most importantly, everyone is welcome. Read more>>

Meghan Marzocca | Bridal Stylist

One of my earliest memories is sitting at my Mother’s feet, and watching her go through her beauty regimen. I was fascinated with how each step contributed to an entire look. By the end of her beauty routine, there was a noticeable confidence that emerged. As I got older, I found myself gravitating towards hobbies that gave me the ability to invoke that same confidence in others. ‘Bridal Beauty by Meg’ was created while I was in the process of planning my own wedding! So many of the small details surrounding a wedding can be extremely stressful. I saw a need for a service in which a client can fully trust that you will go out of your way to ensure they are confident before they walk down the aisle! People may not always remember your name or face, but they will never forget how you made them feel. Read more>>

Sabrina Proffitt | Editor in Chief of The Zillennial Zine

I’ve been a writer my entire life. I went to school to get a journalism degree, and I loved every second of it. I love working for newspapers (specifically feature pieces) and I love sharing stories with the world. Recently, I was working for this little mommy blog-esque magazine and I was able to learn so much about SEO, blog writing, and using WordPress. So, I suddenly got fired from this job, with no warning or notice and I realized that I could do it myself… and probably better. That same night, I created my own website, social media accounts and came up with the concept of “The Zillennial.” The Z is a place for people who feel like they are in between the Millennial and Gen Z generations like I always have. We remember 90s tv shows, but we’re on TikTok, too. We grew up playing with Tamagotchis and Furbys, but we also Wiis. We’re this weird in-the-middle grey zone and I thought there needed to be a place for us. So, I made one. Read more>>

Kristin Bendigo | Photographer

My husband is a pilot in the Air Force and I was working in the behavioral health system; picking up and moving (sometimes within a couple of months notice) was not conducive to a normal work balance. I decided to turn a passion of mine into a career, something that I could pick up and move along with me. I hired a mentor, took classes, bought the best equipment, and became a legitimate photography business. 4 years later and I am still in love with what I do! Read more>>

Joshua Roth | Owner/ Investment Advisor

Well, back when I was younger, I noticed I was always curious about WHAT the stock charts were about on the news channels when my family was watching them, and HOW they worked. As I grew, my curiosity about how to make money work harder for me and others grew… Eventually, what made the decision to start Deltain Financial to help others grow their wealth through investments was when I was constantly being approached by others about how to invest and where to invest, then witnessing that my advice worked for their various situations that were occuring. So, it just seemed to work out which im very thankful for! Read more>>

Penelope Joye | Founder japarra umbrellas

Growing up in Australia I spent my childhood at the beach in the blistering sun. Sunburn was a right of passage and I was sunburnt every summer. I didn’t care much then, ok I really didn’t care at all, but the price would be paid and it was harsh. Sun damage, sun spots, skin cancer including melanoma and prematurely ageing skin. Over the years I’ve gradually become more aware, and much more informed, about the dangers of the sun’s damaging UVA & UVB rays. I’ve invested in daily sunblock, tried to commit to the very expensive habit of reapplying it every two hours, and I always wore a hat. Read more>>

Evan Lambert | Plant Guru

The idea for Phoenix Green Walls came about when my family and I decided to move back to my native Arizona after living in Brooklyn for the past 9 years. In the time I had been away, I started a family, ran my own business and worked for some of the leading design & build interior/exterior companies in New York City. So when I decided to come back to Phoenix, it felt like time to hit refresh and really decide what I wanted to do, not just for me but for the Phoenix community. Read more>>

Chanelle Latu | Photographer + Clay Artist

Since I was young I never agreed with someone telling me how much I was going to make, and the fact that I had to get certain day approved off from work say if something came up. That’s just crazy to me! So even though leaving a 9-5 was a huge risk, the even bigger challenge is running a business nearly 24/7. It took me almost a year to get a good flow of my work process (had a serious illness then gave birth in the midst of it) but once I was able to find my work flow, it’s been such a game changer in my time management and as a business owner/mother/wife. Read more>>

Jenny Fjelseth | Entrepreneur

I had always wanted to start a business that didn’t leave a negative impact on the environment. After being furloughed from my job due to Covid-19, it gave me the motivation to finally pursue my goal of an environmentally conscious business. With Burnt October, I put so much thought into every detail. Candles came about when I started hearing about certain toxins that can be found in some candle brands. I knew that I wanted to create a high quality product that you could feel good about lighting in your home. For my candles, I choose to use 100% Natural Soy Wax as well as sustainably sourced wooden wicks. I also encourage my clients to repurpose their candle vessels once they have fully enjoyed the candle. To give the used candle vessel a second life, branded seed paper is gifted to transform your used vessel into a planter. Read more>>

Louise Mink | Owner, Scottsdale Bodysculpt

Scottsdale BodySculpt was born out of a frustration I had personally, finding something that would help me to address those areas on my body that caused a problem to my self esteem. After having children our bodies change and I just felt I needed a little help where diet and exercise didn’t seem to work. I also wanted to help other people who felt the same way but to make it affordable and not intimidating. Read more>>