What’s been your favorite thing to do during quarantine? Check out some responses from the community below.

Jenn Wagner | Photographer

Not shooting has been so hard! Our spring wedding season got cancelled but the other week I saw a photo of one of my dear friends she had taken during a COVID maternity shoot. My heart just broke for all these women that are having to deal with all the uncertainty of the pandemic, and prepare to give birth with things so unknown! I knew in that moment I wanted to do some free “socially distant” session for moms-to -be. As a wedding photographer this is a bit out of my norm, but I was so excited to celebrate some moms during a very stressful time! Read more>>

Sherah Williams | Permanent Makeup Artist, Aesthetician and Spray tan artist

Sleep in! Jk, well maybe! But really, I’ve been keeping busy working out more and helping my 3 kids with their online schoolwork. I’ve used the time away from my studio to learn more. There have been so many great webinars and live trainings that I’ve tried to watch as many as I could to keep my skills fresh and learn new techniques. Read more>>

Robin Afinowich | Counselor, Yoga teacher, University Educator

I am most grateful for opportunity to lean into the pause, to be reminded that my influential weight and worth in the world is not directly related to how busy I am. As well as being reminded how happy I am just Being, and being with myself. As an independent business woman there is good deal of hustle and goal alignment required to keep afloat and its easy to get swept up in constantly managing, building, creating, expanding, learning…both out of passion as necessity. Read more>>

Heather Kirchhofer | Photographer

In the beginning of all of this, I felt so helpless and wanted to do something to give back and help. I know it’s controversial, but I started shooting porch portraits. In return for their portrait, I asked the subjects to donate to a critical needs charity. So far, we’ve raised over $2000 for charities such as Tempe Community Action Agency, United Food Bank, and more. Read more>>

Vicki Mayo | Vicki Mayo, Founder and CEO TouchPoint Solution

During quarantine I’ve taken up a new hobby- watercolor painting! I’ve always loved art and people that could see something and paint it to realistically. My first painting was terrible- a kindergartner would have done better, 🙂 I have been watching YouTube videos and following some amazing painters on Instagram. I also stumbled across a watercolor subscription box from Let’s Make Art and the founder is amazing at walking you through step by step instructions with templates and techniques. Read more>>

Diamin Robinson | Artist & Personal Banker

My favorite thing to do during this quarantine has been creating memories with my daughter. As unfortunate as these times have been it has truly been a blessing that has allowed me to slow down and cherish the moments that I have with her. We have been painting,drawing, chalking, crafting and it has all been so much fun. Read more>>

Ash Dahlke | Artist

The beautiful thing about creating is the ability to get completely lost in whatever you are doing. While in quarantine, I’ve been working a series of small drawings that help me escape the daily news and allows me to just focus on value, texture, and composition. Alongside drawing, I’ve been able to catch up on a lot of reading that before was not possible with the business of everyday life. Currently, I’m reading Ninth Street Women by Mary Gabriel and Art on My Mind by Bell Hooks and I highly recommend both. Read more>>