How do you know when you should keep going versus when it makes sense to cut your losses and try something new? It’s a difficult decision most entrepreneurs and creatives have faced along their journey and so we asked some brilliant folks from the community to share their thoughts.

Kelly Diffie | Artist & Paranormal Researcher

Every day we are given the rhe choice to challenge ourselves, to learn, grow evolve and become something or someone better than we were yesterday, or we can stagnate… …I know that someday I am going to die, but before then I want to LIVE……for me it isn’t a hard decision; onward and upward. Read more>>

Haley Robinson | Social Media Influencer

There were definitely a lot of times where I just wanted to give up because my life would be so much easier or less stressful and I could go back to being “invisible”. But I receive so many messages and kind comments of people relating to me and reminding me that I’m not alone in this and that my message that I’m sharing is important. Representation like this matters and it’s bringing together a lot of people from all over the world. Creating our own little community. A community that I didn’t have growing up. Read more>>

Tatiana and Justice | Hosts for Words&Wine Podcast

To know whether to give up or keep going always circles back to your “why” or reasoning for wanting to do that thing in the first place. If you aren’t fulfilling your why or the overall experience is no longer exciting or brings any joy can be a clear indication that things either need to come to a stop or reevaluated. Read more>>

Jordan Person | CBD Skincare Expert, Nurse, Massage Therapist

Being an entrepreneur is a constant roller coaster of emotions. There are some days that I wake up and I sit down at my desk and I don’t get up until it is dark. After working all day, I sit on the couch with my laptop and keep working till 2am. Then, there are days that I am seeing patients from sun up til sun down and I drive 140 miles between them all. There are days when sales for my skincare line are slower then I would like, and I get really down on myself. All of the days I just mentioned are all moments that I think to myself, ‘why am I doing this,” or “maybe I should go back to work as a Nurse,” or “whose idea was this to work 24/7?” Read more>>