If you had a million dollars to invest right now, how would you deploy that capital?

Ronnie Robles | Tattoo Artist

This is easy. If I had a million dollars I would invest in a beautiful home for my family and an amazing tattoo studio. Maybe 2. I have had some challenges along the way, especially establishing myself when I was just starting out in an established and somewhat close-knit industry. But I persevered because I knew I could be good enough. I would encourage anyone else whos trying to find the way to not listen to the naysayers, push through and make it happen. Read more>>

Victoria Mendoza | Realtor & Consultant

With $1 million, I’d invest in real estate right now. Interest rates are historically low and Arizona is one of the fastest growing cities. I’d love to capitalize on owning rental properties, doing some fix and flips, and owning vacation rental homes that can be used for AirBnb. I’d love to own 20 properties by the time I’m 45. I am a top producing realtor at my firm, who focuses on first time home buyers and luxury listings. Read more>>

Cynthia Young | Photographer/Meditation teacher

If I had a million dollars, I’d create a non profit for creative people and meditation practitioners. There is an ultimately divine connection between being still and creative process. I create up close botanical photography….the stillness required to create is ultimately meditative and is a spiritual practice. I’d buy a building with many rooms/studios so artists could create. At the same time the energy that grows from meditation practice would inspire and emote. I’d insist that there be original art on the walls, either for sale or for viewing. Read more>>

Geoff Rubin | Fitness Propelled LLC – Owner & Trainer

I’ve always loved theoretical questions surrounding money, because it drives me towards making them more of a reality. Here is how I would invest $1 million right now. I would break down the $1 million into quarters and do the following 25% – Invested into a high yield money market savings account to ensure my families well being 25% – Invested into a cash management account predominantly strong balance sheet equities as I’m young and time for the market to recover 25% – Invested into housing for investment properties 25% – Immediate contributions to causes / charities I value and better use the excess freedom I have with the money acquired to donate my most precious commodity….. time. Read more>>

Meria Heller | Spiritual teacher, Tarot Master Usui Reiki Master and founder of the Universal Medicine Wheel.

If I had a million dollars to invest right now my life wouldn’t change. I would reinvest it in my radio show so that more people could access it and learn truth, both political and spiritual. I’ve never been a greedy person and am happy with what I have in my life and my life. Many of my shows are life saving. Right now I have to charge a subscription fee to pay the bills. With a million dollars I’d blow the site wide open. Read more>>