The Coronavirus has given many us an opportunity to pause and think about life, our purpose, and even the right work life balance.  What’s your perspective and has it changed over time?

Eric Ramsey | Musician and Performing Songwriter

I’m self-employed (a full-time musician/performing songwriter). It’s always a challenge to find a balance between work and personal time. As I’ve gotten older and our kids have become more self-suficient high schoolers I definitely have more time to dedicate to writing and recording and all the ancillary stuff that goes with being in the music industry – social media, booking, promotion, etc. I think I’m probably working MORE now, on a daily basis, than I ever have in the past. Read more>>

Jamie Munoz | Fractional Integrator for Companies Running on EOS ®

I have worked really hard over the years to find what I believe is the right work/life balance. In the world of being an entrepreneur and working with a ton of them, I have realized that what works best is literally finding the right balance and knowing how work and personal should intertwine in a healthy way. That doesn’t mean it is an even split and it doesn’t mean that sometimes one will need more focus than the other. It is about flexibility and being intentional. Read more>>

Beth Shook  |  Ceramic Artist

When I think of balance, I imagine it as an ideal – equal and stable. However, the reality of balance is that its awkward and almost always asymmetrical. My work life balance changed dramatically after 2017 when I stepped away from the classroom. After 30 years as a professor of Fine Arts, I made the move to focus on my studio practice after scar tissue from an injury began affecting my voice. When I was teaching balance was neatly packaged in 17 week semesters with anticipated spurts of creative energy in between. Read more>>

Mishy Katz | Pottery artist and teacher, musician, GramMish

The balance of work and life. I think throughout my life I have chosen pursuits that compelled me in mysterious underlying ways I did not even understand but offered me the opportunity to continue learning and expanding my mind and balancing my world. When I was a kid, I never considered or thought about time that much, and the balance of work and life. I just played, went to school, learned to play piano, spent time with my family and grew. Read more>>

Bridgette Baldwin | Owner of The Hive Mobile & Event Bartending

My balance has definitely changed since becoming a mother and a small business owner. I used to work 7 days a week but now I have learned to lean on my team members to take over events, and give myself free time for myself and my family. This in turn makes me more productive when I do work because I have the opportunity to have a clear mindset! Read more>>