We asked members of the community how their organizations help the community.  We’ve shared some of the responses below.

Steve Mark | East Valley K9 Services, LLC is owned and operated by Brandy Girot and Steve Mark

The most rewarding aspect of dog training is the impact that we have on the lives of people and dogs. For example, one of the many services that we provide is therapy dog prep classes. Some of these dog and handler teams go on to provide comfort for people in hospitals and hospices. Other teams visit children with conditions such as autism and help them to overcome various challenges. Some provide comfort and courage to children who have to testify in court. Read more>>

Lucie Marlo | Artist, Philanthropist, & Writer

Drawing was my first love-entering and winning a number of national competitions as a child. Growing up with health problems and wanting to make a difference, led me to earn a PHD in nutrition. Although I found great satisfaction in my work, the demands of my field left me no time for creative expression. Over the years, my increasing desire to paint became undeniable. For the last 19 years, I’ve had the privilege of painting for a living. A sense of duty compelled me to search for ways to contribute by volunteering my time in various fundraising efforts. Read more>>

BRIDGES CONNER | Owner & Founder of Get Organized with Bridges + CO

I feel that professional organization is a huge gift to share in our world today. There are a lot of people that are completely overwhelmed with their stuff and do not know where to begin the organization process. The gift of what my staff and I share is the weight of the world lifted off of client’s shoulders, a new sense of relief to get out from under the clutter in their lives and the ability to breath and enjoy their new spaces! We have a non-judgement approach so it just so happens that our client’s even have some fun while they work. Read more>>

Nadia Mozaffari | Esthetician

Aside from being an esthetician & skin therapist, I also consider myself a healer. I felt a calling to help people heal about a year ago when I decided to get certified to be a reiki practitioner. Reiki is a hand on body healing method that attempts to align and stimulate biomagnetic energy flowing through the body to promote healing and lessen stress. This caused a shift in my business to focus more on wellness & I believe this can help a community & hope it can inspire peoples’ healing journey. Read more>>

Edward Callirgos | Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Professional Mediator and owner of The Bridge Counseling, Consulting & Mediation

It may be over simplified, but here goes; communities are made up of people and these people are individuals that have personal lives, goals, challenges and relationships. If an individual struggles with any of those areas they naturally impact themselves and their micro community (meaning family or work) which can then impact the larger community (meaning their neighborhoods, towns or cities). My practice, the Bridge Counseling, Consulting & Mediation provides individual, couples and family counseling; as wells as training’s, consultations and mediation for businesses, organizations and city government agencies in areas of critical incident response, domestic violence, sexual harassment, communication and conflict management; as well as team building. Read more>>

Lisa Moore | Makeup Artist & Stylist

It is so important to me to be a good role model on Social Media. I focus on empowering women to be the best version of themselves by feeling confident and beautiful in thier own skin. I share my own personal experiences to help women get through their own insecurities and struggles. I speak with young women about the harms of social media, body image and not holding themselves to unrealistic expectations. I volunteer at many non profit charities that help empower women to get back on thier feet. I help my community by supporting and attending as many charity events that I can to bring awareness to thier causes. Read more>>

Pattie Freeman | Board Certified Hypnotherapist-Certified instructor

I am a Hypnotherapist this helps others when there are no other options. I help my clients deal with Addictions which can be anything from drugs to alcohol and gambling, food and relationships. Anxiety Is a big part in many peoples lives they learn how to handle it through hypnosis. The social impact it makes on the community or the world around me helps them to see there is alternative ways of conquering their fears and phobias and accomplish their goals and start moving forward in their life. In a positive way with A different mindset. Read more>>