We had the good fortune of connecting with Edward Callirgos and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Edward, how does your business help the community?
It may be over simplified, but here goes: Communities are made up of people and these people are individuals that have personal lives, goals, challenges and relationships. If an individual struggles with any of those areas they naturally impact themselves and their micro community (meaning family or work) which can then impact the larger community (meaning their neighborhoods, towns or cities). My practice, the Bridge Counseling, Consulting & Mediation provides individual, couples and family counseling; as wells as training’s, consultations and mediation for businesses, organizations and city government agencies in areas of critical incident response, domestic violence, sexual harassment, team building, communication and conflict management. Essentially we provide services that help the community by supporting and strengthening members of the community. Here is an example to illustrate how we impact the community: I am reminded of a client who was struggling with feeling like a failure. His way of dealing with this feeling was to avoid. He avoided standing up to his boss, he avoided taking responsibilities at home which in turn left him dissatisfied with work and left his wife to do all the work at home. This impacted a sector of work which could impact the community he served. At home his children began to struggle with school and they started to choose negative behaviors. As we worked on his pain of feeling like a failure he was able to take responsibility and change how he dealt with challenges. He was able to better his self esteem and his marriage improved. Together him and his wife were able to work together with their children. The children were able to make U turn. This led to elated letters from teachers who stated gratitude for parental involvement. As for his job he was able to respectfully stand up for his ideas and found a different job that allowed him to serve his community effectively.

Alright, so for those in our community who might not be familiar with your business, can you tell us more?
I think all professional therapists and therapist practices are a bit different. Each has their own personality and their stance on how to handle problems. Not every client story ends with success and we are not always the best fit; but The Bridge Counseling Consulting & Mediation was created to be a place where we, as counselors, walk with our fellow human beings in their pain. Our desire is to help them feel strength, hope and peace in themselves and in their relationships. I have a team that has range and depth in their tools and abilities to help our clients improve and increase healthy relationships. We work with individuals that are struggling with depression, anxiety, trauma, suicidal ideations, pornography addictions, self esteem, codependency and loss and grief. The couples we work with have all the above but also have issues with infidelity, domestic violence, high conflict, communication issues, parenting challenges and work life balance. Our counseling or therapy services are provided at our office, via video/tele health or in their homes and all our services can be provided in Spanish and English. We provide training’s and consultations for various organizations in state and out of state. Something I am very proud of is that we provide state approved mediation services as an out of court solution. All of our consulting, training’s and mediation services are available in person in our office or at our client’s preferred location including via tele-health. Together our team has a little over 30 years of experience and we each have our own style; so I feel like I learn from each one of our counselors almost every day. We have a round table approach and I think that leads to collaboration and good use of our experience. This allows us to serve our client’s with good success by using different approaches that best fits the client. We do not let a type of therapy drive our approach. We allow the client and the presenting issue to drive the approach. Some of us do have an approach that we gravitate to, but sometimes we have to think outside the box and to do that you sometimes need to consult with a team member and get their thoughts. Sometimes you feel like you have a plan, but after talking it over with member of the team your idea seems to morph. You talk it over with the client. The client then gives your their insight and boom! Success. Its not always that clean but you get the picture. We have a great team and we collaborate. Regarding taking that step to start a business and difficulties: Starting a business is never smooth sailing. I feel like I am learning every day. I think the challenge I faced was taking that step of leaving a steady bi weekly pay check with vacation, holiday pay, sick days and 401K for an opportunity that would lead to a check that is monthly and can vary depending on clients, unpaid days off and no sick days all the while having 4 kids and a mortgage etc. But with faith in God, support from my wife and family and a good team, I have been able to get to the other side and feel strength, hope and peace in myself and in my relationships. This experience has helped me understand the importance of work life balance. I wish I could say that I have that nailed down but it is definitely on my mind and I make sure I reserve weekends for my kids and wife. I make sure I spend quality time with them during the week and make time to listen to my wife and help her with things around the house. Working out is a key part of me not burning out or managing my stress so I try to make sure I work out every day for at least 3o to 40 minutes.

Any great local spots you’d like to shoutout?
Brooklyn Mike’s Subs in Gilbert, A and P Nursery they are the best garden nursery and the people there are so nice and friendly and Crust Simply Italian in Chandler.

Who else deserves some credit and recognition?
Definitely my parents Victor and Flor Callirgos who taught me the importance of hard work, not giving up and trust in God. My sister and brother in law who helped me out during my first year in college- Lina and Anthony Jones; My wife and 4 children for their support and making me feel loved and appreciated especially on those tough days. I could not be where I am at with out my instructors Dr. Sue Olson, Dr Karissa Greving Mehall, Mary Doyle; as well as mentors and other professionals that have provided me guidance: Dr. Everett Bailey, Jeff Krause LMFT, Dr. Terry Hargrave LMFT, Minon Maier LMFT, Megan Lewis LMFT, Rachel Thomas LMFT, Dr. Raymond Branton and Scott Heaton.

Website: www.thebridgeccm.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thebridgeccm
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AacM5lJEpF8
Other: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8D8BfZomuio Spanish version