We had the good fortune of connecting with Pattie Freeman and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Pattie, how does your business help the community?
I am a Hypnotherapist this helps others when there are no other options. I help my clients deal with Addictions which can be anything from drugs to alcohol and gambling, food and relationships. Anxiety Is a big part in many peoples lives they learn how to handle it through hypnosis. The social impact it makes on the community and the world around us helps them to see there is alternative ways of conquering their fears and phobias and accomplish their goals and start moving forward in their life. In a positive way with A different mindset.

What should our readers know about your business?
I am a Board Certified Hypnotherapist -Cognitive behavioral therapist and Instructor with the NGH. I work with professional athletes as a Sports Mental Coach. I have 2 locations Scottsdale, Arizona and Pacific Palisades, California. I am known as the Mental “GURU” Referring to my expertise in my field of Hypnosis and sports.

My practice deals with all types of issues including fears and phobias, anxiety, addiction, smokers, body image and weight loss, depression, PTSD, pain the list is endless. If you have an issue or a habit than Hypnotherapy can help you handle the situation.

What sets me apart from others is my passion and my expertise in the field. By customizing each session and by providing many varies of modalities for each client. Such as cognitive behavioral therapy and EMDR It’s amazing to have such support from medical Professionals that send referrals to me knowing I could help them find a solution with their patients.

My profession allows me to work with many professional athletes by helping them get out of the slump, get rid of their anxiety, get out of there head and start playing the game even better and harder than ever before.

In 2000, I was asked to work with a high school football team that had not won anything in 25 years. The morale was down, the motivation wasn’t there. They never had a win so they had no idea how to be a champion. The reason I stepped in was personal…My son was on that team and he was the captain and I wanted them to take pride in themselves and be confident as a team. So I would have them come to my house before every practice and do visualization skills to gain their confidence and self esteem.The administration had approached me because they saw a difference in every athlete that was doing the visualization skills. They wanted to teach the students how to gain focus and confidence to win. I felt I had a lot to offer those young athletes. I took the position and the rest is history… I worked with every team at that school softball, volleyball, basketball, wrestling, baseball and even track and field. I’m proud to say for three years they won championships one after another and the students in that school felt empowered and I felt so proud to be part of their success. Since then I am referred as the “Mental Guru” Not just helping young adults but also professionals athletes and their teams.

The challenges in my career have always allowed me to strive for more. That’s why I went back to school to finish my degree and Open my location in California How can I overcome these Challenges? Many are unaware of what I do and that’s what makes it so interesting because once they find me and use my methods and techniques they become more aware of how to stay on their path more easily than before.

My lessons I learned along the way is really listen to myself. I had no idea that I would Pursue this career until a very wise person Asked me one day “What are you passionate about and what would you love to do for the rest of your life?” Well I’m doing it and loving every minute of it. Helping others learning the lessons along the way. Helping them find their love for life… Career, relationships, happiness, focus and confidence.

What I’d would like for others to know about me and my brand is truly that each client no matter who they are or what they do is important to me. I work with all types of clients in the US and international . I want them to know that I give 100% and that’s what I expect in return. I want them to achieve and succeed In everything they do. My intentions is to bring awareness by posting videos on YouTube and social media to promote what is important for every daily life. Teaching classes to those wanting to learn Hypnosis to help their family or others even to start a new career. I am involved with the cancer society, Rehab Center‘s for Addiction. Keynote speaker at high schools, colleges and corporations. I help Law enforcement with Forensic Hypnosis. My story can be your story I have an interesting life every day is different and not every client is the same. Finding your passion and loving what you do is what it’s all about.

If you had a friend visiting you, what are some of the local spots you’d want to take them around to?
In Scottsdale, old town has a variety of meeting places restaurants and bars for those wanting a nightlife. There is so much to do whether it be the Arabian horse show, antique car show and spring training. Not too far away is beautiful Sedona with the beautiful red rocks, cute shops and spiritual surroundings. There’s so much to do in Scottsdale.

If you’re wanting to know about Pacific Palisades, California This is a quaint little community with beautiful surrounding areas of shops, eateries, coffee shops and The ocean. Zuma Beach is right down the highway in Malibu. There’s so much to see if you go further down to Santa Monica you have the Pier. If you want to see a little more variety you can go to the Grove at the farmers market there are clothing shops and restaurants from around the world.

Shoutout is all about shouting out others who you feel deserve additional recognition and exposure. Who would you like to shoutout?
My shout out would be a little different than others. It goes out to all of my loyal and dedicated clients that I have that believe not only in me and what I do but in themselves. Sometimes it doesn’t take one person to make us who we are it takes a tribe, a community, family and friends. We. Just don’t live life, we experience life so differently with who we come in contact with. That’s when we should be so grateful to have the opportunity to have those people in our lives. My new office is in Pacific Palisades California and I’m thankful to be able to have my practice at such a beautiful location at Rox Pilates studio. Noelle is a beautiful person, caring and Is well respected in the community. I appreciate her for bringing my expertise into her studio knowing you get stronger together in the modalities You provide to your clients. So my shout out is to Noelle At Rox Pilates.

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