Often we don’t have to reinvent the wheel to learn something new – we can just ask experts in the field who can draw on their experience to enlighten us. Below, we’ve shared insights insiders from various industries have shared with us.

Alyssa Douglas | General Manager

We embody both healthcare & fitness industries. We are noticing the growth in wearable devices to collect bio data, however, nobody putting it into context for the individual wearing it. It really ends up just being data for data sake. 10,000 steps is just a game, it has no measurable health benefit. We also thought that analyzing bio data from a watch without a baseline knowledge of the patient, their physical fitness and their current medical condition could create abnormal conclusions and might even be dangerous. Read more>>

Dabi Adeyemi | Entrepreneur & Audio and Visual Storyteller

Over-saturation can be a good thing. In other industries, the marketplace gets smaller and more competitive as new companies and brands enter the space. But with media/original content/storytelling, there’s always room for more great content. As long as consumers continually drive demand and the quality of the content is excellent, you will always have an audience. Read more>>

Shelly Brown | Founder

Phantom Cyclist partners with The Welcome to America Project, serving refugees in the Greater Phoenix area. At Phantom Cyclist, our mission is simple, we share bikes, new and gently used, with refugees. A bike enables an individual to be more fluid within their community. Better work opportunities and the ability to commute to school and social events becomes possible with a bicycle. A newly arrived refugee may not have the language skills, or the financial resources, to utilize mass transportation in large metropolitan areas. A bike becomes their lifeline to independence and being able to be more self sufficient in their new community. Most people are not aware of the actual process of how, or why, a refugee comes to the United States. When a refugee flees from their home, it is typically for life or death situations. Read more>>

Alexis Poce | Herbalist & Small Business Owner

I think one of the most hidden aspects of product production is the number of wheels that have to turn absolutely smoothly to get a marketable product out on the shelves. Most consumers, myself included until I begin this adventure, don’t tend to spend much time considering the events that had to take place before we are able to select a perfect, shiny apple from the grocery store, or a bottle of custom formulated lotion to help our dry, desert skin. We show up, peruse the brightly packaged items, maybe read an ingredient label, then head to the cashier, happy with our new additions. But how the products arrived so shiny and perfect, ready to be taken home, is a journey not often considered. Herbalism and natural skincare are based on plants, which have to be grown and nurtured before there’s even a possibility of being turned into a tea blend or luxurious face oil. Read more>>

Michelle Faust | Storytelling Strategist

How powerful your personal story is. What we experience in life is what shapes us, forms our values, creates our passions, and give us our purpose. If we carry around our story with negative feelings then who we become continues to carry that negativity into our character. The first step into empowerment and success is embracing our story, not hiding behind it. We live in a world now that appreciates transparency and vulnerability. Writing your story, making peace with it, understanding the strengths you gained from it, and sharing it to the world is incredibly healing, Success in relationships and business will naturally follow. Learn how to weave who you are, because of your story, into everything you do. Read more>>

Cheyenne Cannon | Jeweler & Silversmith

Diamonds aren’t the only conflict mineral. A conflict mineral is defined as any mineral which is mined in ethically questionable ways and/or funds a conflict or war zone. This can include gold, tourmaline, malachite, lapis lazuli and many other lower end semi precious gem stones and metals. Read more>>

JP Mullan | GM Mavrix

We have a couple of surprising offerings that sets us apart. First we have amazing attractions with an arcade, billiards, VR and laser tag plus a revolutionary bowling system called Spark. The Spark system puts images on the lanes and the ball reacts with the images for an augmented reality bowling experience! We also have an amazing food and drinks at Mavrix. My favorite item on the menu is the blueberry pizza that has Prosciutto, Goat Cheese, Grilled Onions, Fresh Blueberries, Baby Arugula, and Honey. We also have a great craft beer, whiskey and signature cocktail list. Read more>>