Our city is home to so many incredible businesses and so we asked the founders how they came up with the ideas for their businesses and have shared their responses below.

Emma Totten | Marketing Agency Owner

Remodel Social was born of necessity. During the first 5 years of launching my digital marketing agency, I was exclusively working on retainer contracts with larger organizations like Arizona PBS and TGen. I loved working on those projects and getting to be creative with new campaigns and initiatives, but it always bothered me that I wasn’t able to offer a more affordable solution to the small businesses who came to me wanting marketing help. Last year, my husband was able to hop on board and help me streamline my processes in a way that would allow me to offer social media services to Arizona real estate agents at a price point that worked for them. Today, I spend my days helping local agents stay relevant during the digital age and be as searchable as possible online. Read more>>

RO Gonzalez | USMC Veteran, Founder & Executive Director

Well I had been volunteering for other Veteran Organizations and noticed that they weren’t engaging with Veterans with what Veterans are looking for. I want to impact the Veterans that aren’t labeled as post 9/11 Veterans cause there seems to be alot of organizations that want to help the young Veterans but not anything out there for Veterans like myself or Veterans in general that aren’t combat or injured Veterans. I want to reach out to any Veterans that are looking for camaraderie or a family atmosphere where they can come with their families or just themselves and feel welcomed and can engage with other Veterans and feel comfortable. I also want to bring all the non profits/ VSO’s together to work together as a coalition and make our Veteran Community stronger working as a Unit than against one another. Read more>>

David Jarvinen | Mosaic Instructor & Supply Retailer

The idea came for my business came out of another business. Owning a successful tile contracting business, we had opportunity to mix materials and create truly beautiful living spaces. But then my company was called upon to install a mural for a local clay artist. Needing to think out of the box, we were a perfect fit. Once working with them, I new I had to get this ceramic form into residential projects! I tried teaming up with the artists form the project, but their style didn’t quite fit into our product lines. These artists happen to teach classes too. So by donating tiles, i was able to go to class and learn mosaics, then help with class, then teach on my own. With this new knowledge I was able to combine mosaics with traditional tile installations. Read more>>