Often we don’t have to reinvent the wheel to learn something new – we can just ask experts in the field who can draw on their experience to enlighten us.  Below, we’ve shared insights insiders from various industries have shared with us.

Colton & Jordan Frabasilio aka… Pres Pool Brothers | Custom Swimming Pool Sales/ Design Presidential Pools & Spas

The Swimming Pool Industry nationally is busier than ever during the current Covid-19 Pandemic. During the month of May, 2020 “Pools” were the 3rd most Google searched commodity. Read more>>

Denise Aubrey | Principal Designer, Denise Aubrey Design

With the glamorization of designers being shown across almost every TV channel, it’s easy to think that the design process takes place in a 45 minute show. In reality, It can take weeks and months to get client approved designs and begin the actual remodel process. But they do get the excitement of the reveal right. Everyone loves the reveal! Read more>>

Suzie Barber | Custom Portrait Artist

In today’s digital age, portrait photographers are everywhere. Photoshoots appear to seem as simple with the photographer clicking a shutter and then providing images within a short turnaround period. What most outsiders don’t realize is how much planning, equipment, post-production, and business knowledge are involved to ensure a successful client session. If you have a really good photographer, there is a planning session before you ever meet for the shoot. Whether it’s a studio session or on-location, a photographer needs to plan for lighting and equipment. Read more>>

Parul Agrawal | Author, TEDx Speaker, Bestselling Book Launch Expert

Most new or wannabe authors think that they need to have thousands of followers, a huge email list and hundred thousand dollars in their bank to publish a book and rank it as a bestseller. On the contrary, the truth is that most authors first get into the bestseller list on Amazon, Barnes & Nobles etc. and then leverage this title to get more followers, get more paid speaking engagements and more clients for their services. Read more>>

Barbara Renner | Author & Classroom Presenter

A lot of people believe that publishers do all the marketing and selling for their authors. Large publishing houses will advertise and ensure book placement in bookstores, but most authors spend time promoting themselves and their books, obtaining reviews, building a following, and keeping track of sales. This is particularly true if the author is traditionally published by a small press, or self-published. Authors basically run a business as well as write. Read more>>