We’ve been fortunate to connect with so many brilliant, thoughtful entrepreneurs and creatives and we regularly ask them about the most important lessons they’ve learned over the course of their careers. We’ve shared some highlights below.

Amanda Moore | Sugar Cookie Decorator and Business Owner

The biggest lesson my business has taught me is going to sound a bit cliché, but over the last 2 years I have truly learned how important it is to make sure what you do makes you happy. I had always felt there was something missing in previous jobs but figured in time, they would become what I hoped they would be. I always thought it was frowned upon to go from job to job or leave a career too quickly, but I would not have started the business I have today if I hadn’t allowed myself to keep searching for what truly makes me happy! I didn’t know it at the time, but having my own business and getting to create edible art is the biggest joy in my life and I cannot imagine doing something everyday that doesn’t bring me happiness. Read more>>

David Sheller | Internationally Published Photographer

There is only one me. That is the most important lesson my entire working career has taught me. What got me in the door of every opportunity has been my unique mix of skill, talent, perspective, wisdom gathered from experiences, and intuition. This is why I have no fear picking up a camera, changing course on my initial career goals, and pursuing photography as a profession. No one takes photographs like I do, because no one else in me. When you realize it is you as a person that brings the magic to the equipment, the trade, the brand, you realize that the only thing ever really stopping you, is you. Read more>>

Kendall Wallor | Tattoo Artist & Oil Painter

Number one, never give up and keep moving forward. In any line of creative work you are the only force driving yourself to improve yourself and your craft daily. Sure, like everyone will tell you, self motivation is key, and that’s great but that’s truly not everything. And the key to success in my line of creative business isn’t necessarily being that type “A” golden star personality standing on a stage lecturing people about how they love everything about their perfect work life balance and recent book they wrote on how they found “The Key to Life and Being a Success at It.” Read more>>

Blue Amnesia | Multi-faceted Entrepreneur

My legacy lives through my kids, but if I were to leave one message for the rest of the world it would be: “K.O.R., which is Kindness Over Righteousness”. It just means that regardless of any differences, there’s an opportunity to put kindness as a priority. That goes for yourself, too. I think the ultimate goal behind most of what I do is teaching people to be kind to themselves. Read more>>

Billy Kay | Songwriter and Entertainer

With YouTube, my music will always be available. My great grandkids will see what I did! I hope my legacy is that I made a difference. I gave folks memories. I inspired people. I made folks feel special – with my music. People all over the world write me and say they played one of my songs at their wedding! So I was a special part of someone’s day in Poland that I never met! Here locally, I’m asked to play at hospices. And I am literally the last thing someone hears before they pass on. The family says “He moved his pinky. That means he’s happy!” Read more>>

Abdul-Aziz (Yung Princey) Muhammad | Musician/record label owner

One of my greatest qualities is my ability to accomplish anything I put my mind to. I started a kiosk business that’s been successful for 7 years. I started doing music and now I have over 180,000 streams worldwide. I want people to remember me for being a creative and a resilient entrepreneur. Any obstacle that came my way, I overcame it and prospered. Read more>>