We had the good fortune of connecting with Boss Lady Stacey Grondahl and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Boss Lady, what’s your definition for success?
To be quite frank, success (to me) is in the eye of the beholder. Many individuals out there believe success is growth, in size – Examples being, franchising, or additional locations. Other individuals might think of success as how popular you are, and not your size. That’s what I call stereotypical thinking, or “inside the box,” mentality. You’ve gotta think bigger, than what society deems “successful.” Personally, I’m a fan of the “cult” hits, which is what I believe WE DO MEN (a male concept spa) is. The locations that are secretly awesome. Even such locales, let’s say Texas, where there’s a barbecue spot that’s open at 10 in the a.m., and closes when they sell out. I love those stories, those categories of success, the hidden gems. Again, that’s just MY preference. For reals thought, It’s not about size… It’s about the story, the passion, the integrity, the brand, the customer service, the authenticity, and the overall history. Even the infamy. For me, it’s my “Do no harm. Take no shit.”, approach to the industry, and customer service in general. Going against EVERYTHING, and just doing my own thing, my own way, and being 100% unapologetic about it. That’s my definition of success. Being true to yourself, and yourself in the process. Don’t take the easy route. Criticism, is what makes you great. If no one is talking sh!t, then you need to work harder (haha). No day is complete unless you piss off at least one person… Or so that’s my motto. So remember, “Focus on your own sh!t,” do it your own way, and love it even more – and that’s success.

Can you give our readers an introduction to your business? Maybe you can share a bit about what you do and what sets you apart from others?
I never wanted to own/start a biz. Seriously. It happened by accident, but has since become a really, really great accident. They say some of the best things in life happen by accident. Inventions, relationships, you name it. Cheers to that! We Do Men has endured bad-mouthing from day 1. Bring it on! I tackled a very rough subject, and slowly translated it into something that flows into the branding world seamlessly. HAPPY ENDINGS. SEXISM. ISSUES, in general, with the spa industry. I wanted to take the negativity, flip it, and throw it back into the public (and offenders) face, to be quite frank. I’m a professional, not a prostitute. Nor do I deserve to be treated like a sex object, or something/someone to be taken advantage of, as a female (or as a male). If anything, I’m a female not to be f**ed with. If you’ve ever met me, you know that to be true. I also speak to my clients very, very differently than your average spa. I’m straightforward, blunt as hell, and don’t censor myself. I curse like a sailor, and there’s nothing “unlady-like” about it. I don’t do stereotypes, and will not “act” how someone expects me to act. Hell no! I encourage my clients to be the same. Always respectful, but encouraging human beings to be their best selves, is my overall goal, which naturally includes self care/grooming practices. Hello, spa owner here. I endorse authenticity, which is basically my business in a nutshell. I absolutely love to see “my boys” feel good, look good, and be able to still be men. Real men. The kind that respect themselves, and women alike. Chivalry is NOT dead, and being a gentlemen is everything! I’ve been lucky that I’ve been able to teach up and coming professionals (male and female) on this topic, and have had great feedback in the process. It’s truly rewarding, being able to present something to the new age. SELF AWARENESS. In all aspects. I hope to continue on this journey helping men, and women alike, find their joy, across the board in their lives, and in their careers/potential future businesses. As a student once said to me, and I’ll never forget this as long as I live, “Thank you for being real, in a world full of fake people.” As I love to state (especially to myself) – If you helped even one person, you did your job. This is my drive in business.

If you had a friend visiting you, what are some of the local spots you’d want to take them around to?
My list of FAVES, are as follows : Breakfast food* eaters : Chopshop Co. Breakfast liquid* eaters : Juby True, hands down! Shopping : Spend time in OLD TOWN, the Waterfront, as well as Scottsdale Quarter and Kierland Commons I’m a movie buff myself… so best THEATER ever : Harkins Fashion Square (Camelview) Coffee : Honey Lavender OatMilk Latte @ Berdenas Donuts : Alien Donuts Frolicking : Papago* area, for fresh air and clear views, and basically every trail ever – but just go to Sedona* is my choice Restaurants across the board : Citizen Public House, Farm & Craft, Olive & Ivy, The Henry, Flower Child, North, LGO, Second Story*, In N Out (I’m originally from CA, so it’s a religion) Best Bars : RockBar, Coach House, Second Story* Liquor Bar Best Music : The Marquee, The Van Buren, Crescent Ballroom

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I credit every single person I’ve ever met. You take something positive, or negative, from everyone you encounter. My clients have contributed a ton, as I’m all about the interactive experience, and including the people around me. I love input, feedback, constructive criticism, happy faces, over the top ideas, and shock factor. Huge love goes to my main crew though : Char Colton & Avis Whetton – my adopted az family Lesa Goodenough & Jordan Moore – creative partners in crime my Mom – aka, my biggest fan the MANfam – my clients over the years, especially the ones who stick around (cheers!) ALSO – THE HATERS, because haters need hobbies*

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Other: Welcome to WE DO MEN®, a spa designed and tailored for men! Taking the fluff out of the spa experience with old school hands-on methods, RAW skincare, Frank Sinatra, Johnny Cash, and full comedic content. This is the art of manhandling… emphasis on the MAN. Where every visit creates “A seriously happy ending.” To your day, that is.

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