We had the good fortune of connecting with Lynda Dickens and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Lynda, how do you think about risk?
Risk-taking is a necessary evil that serves a higher purpose in life. If you never take a risk, or as I like to refer to it as “stepping out on faith” you’ll never know how far you can go or the level of success you could obtain. If there is no risk taken, you stay in your comfort zone, accepting what is familiar until a significant life-changing event happens without your permission. I’ve taken some considerable risks in life, both personally and professionally. But some risks will impact both, at the same time, including your present and future. When I was younger, trying to determine my college major, I was confronted, like everyone else, with the age-old question of what did I want to be when I grew up? My career path was all already set for me to be an architectural designer, but I knew that my passion was in cosmetology. After an intense conversation with my father confirming that he would only pay for an architectural design degree, that sealed the deal for me. I finished my coursework in architectural design, I even worked in the field for a few years, but I stepped out on faith and took cosmetology classes in the evening at the same time I was working. I finished cosmetology school in record time. Now I would be able to focus more on the beauty and wellness of people instead of the beauty of a building. That is when my cosmetology career took off. I’ve served as General Manager of significant beauty corporations and beauty schools. I’m currently the owner of a 100% vegan, salon, a licensed cosmetologist, educator, and an examiner for a State Board of cosmetology. I’m enjoying every day, every minute, and every client that I serve. If I hadn’t taken that risk, to change my course, I would probably still be in a career that I didn’t necessarily like and would just be happy paying bills. In this case, I can only see myself being unhappy and always and wondering why I didn’t take that risk.

What should our readers know about your business?
When some hear our name, Euphoria Reign Salon, their thought might be that all we do is hair and nails. But Euphoria Reign Salon stands for more than just the latest hairstyle or nail color. Our mission is Maximum Beauty, Maximum Wellness, and there are many ways to get to either. Ultimately, we want our clients to be in good health and feel beautiful at the same time. We already know that having your outer appearance look good increases your mental well-being. But it’s the things that are unseen, that happens on the inside of us that can keep us in turmoil. Often, we don’t understand why we experience hair loss or if our hair will grow back, why we break out in rashes on our face, or what treatments may help us get rid of dry skin. At Euphoria Reign, we utilize products and procedures that help us individualize a plan for each client. We use 100% vegan products as our first defense against common problems we may see with our health but left without attention problems only worsen. We are most proud of the fact that we have been out in our community providing free wellness symposiums to those who are looking for simple answers to ongoing problems or concerns about their wellness. We involve a team of professionals to offer 20-minute discussions on many topics such as health care & insurance, cancer research, hair & wig restoration, estate planning, and even financial wellness. These events were well attended, and we look forward to starting them again after it is clear to do so. We are most excited about our upcoming project holding support groups for our clients who experience body-focused repetitive behaviors. This group frequently underserved because they are fearful of being in public because of their condition. But Euphoria Reign will propose helping those clients to reacclimate into a comfortable environment. We have set ourselves apart from the rest by being community-minded, beauty, and wellness-focused and willing to serve specific niches to brand our business.

If you had a friend visiting you, what are some of the local spots you’d want to take them around to?
Day one is usually the day to relax. I’d make her a home cooked meal; grilled mustard chicken, garlic asparagus, mashed potatoes and we’d finish the meal off with ice cream drizzled with fresh berries. – She would want to come in and get settled. We’d spend time out by the pool having some much-needed girl talk. Day two: For anyone who comes to visit, it is an absolute must that we take a day trip to Sedona. We start out early so we can stop in at the Coffee Pot restaurant for any one on the 101 omelets that they make fresh daily. Next, we would head to Page Springs, just east of Sedona for wine tasting and winery tours. From there we would head back into Sedona for antiquing and other retail therapy. Having expended all of our energy by then, we pick up a snack at the Day three: We’d stay in-town this day. Today is about showing her how much Arizona has changed. We’d take her up to the top of South Mountain to view the city of Phoenix from one of its highest points. She’d be able to see Phoenix from every direction. I’d prepare a simple basket of fruit and croissants just in case we got hungry. The best view of the city skyline is at night, but in the morning there’s a cool breeze and ability to clearly see the city. After leaving South Mountain we’d head back home, but stop by my favorite ice cream spot, Mighty Moo and Youngtown, AZ. The best ice cream can be found there. I spend so much time there, they know me by name. Into the evening and keeping in mind that we are admiring a changing Arizona, dinner will be at the downtown Hyatt’s Compass Room. Viewing the city as the room revolves giving us those 360-degree views. The views are quite spectacular. Day four: Road Trip to Las Vegas, NV. We pass through Las Vegas and head straight to Henderson, NV. Our reservations are at the “M” Hotel and Casino. Early check-in and rest or head to the casino. She gets to choose. We’ve decided on lunch at the Pacific Fish Restaurant at the District Mall near the Green Valley Resort & Spa. After lunch there is shopping at the Mall before heading back to the “M”. Now is the time for that power nap before hitting the town for the evening. We have tickets to see The Spinners before some fine dining at Benihanas’ Japanese Restaurant, near Caesar’s Palace. Day five: Headed back home to Arizona. Stopping at Starbucks for coffee before getting on the highway. Arrive at home at 1:00PM. Nothing but resting will do. In the house and out by the pool. The late night on the town in Las Vegas, has taken its toll. Day six: Quite the lazy day. Had a Bar B Que catered by J&J’s Bar-b-cue, in Glendale, AZ, early afternoon. Invited a few extra friends to attend as well. The caterers stayed for a little while to spend time with us and were on their way at 7PM. We’ll talk into late night early morning. Day seven: Streamed Sunday Service with Kingdom in the Valley Christian Church, with Pastor Reginald Steele. Had left over bar-b-cue for lunch. Back to the Airport to drop off my friend. Sorry to see her go, it seemed like yesterday that she had just arrived.

Who else deserves some credit and recognition?

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