We asked folks to tell us about the most important decisions they’ve made along their journey and have shared some of the highlights below.

Ashley Lantz | Hairstylist & Educator

the last year and a half I really dove deep into investing in education that wasn’t technique related. Being an educator for several years, and working hair shows has helped me fine tune my skills to a point where I’m very happy with the work I put out. But my business model and my brand needed some love. I’m an avid listener of podcasts and audiobooks, and one of my weekly faves was Britt Seva’s Thriving Stylist Podcast. I would listen and take so much valuable information from these 30-45 minute episodes, but was still left thinking I needed to really ground myself in this info. Read more>>

Megan Cannon | Owner of Moonmalasbymegan Yoga Instructor

Leaving my corporate job was a huge decision and deciding to shift my focus to moonmalas took me two years to finally commit to doing, The single most important decision was to not worry about what other people thought about my decision. I realized that was holding me back from moving forward because I allowed the opinions and thoughts of others to influence me which then messed with my intuitive thoughts and was really their fears about their own lives and not mine. Taking a true leap of faith because you know the outcome either way will be worth it is what matters most. Read more>>

Mackenzie Ehlers | Calligrapher + Designer

A couple of years ago, I became overwhelmed with comparison. I found myself constantly stacking my work against the work of others. Social media became a bit of a dark hole for me – specifically regarding my work. I would see the beautiful things other people were creating in my industry, and feelings of insecurity would inevitably come creeping in. I came up with the mantra of “staying in my own lane” and paired it with the image of putting on blinders (like a horse in a race), and that really stuck. When I actively chose to shut out what others around me were doing, I could focus on my own work and flourish within that. Read more>>

Sarah Laos | Creative Director | Marketing, Branding, Retail Design, Styling

For me it was less a decision but rather realizing my skillsets should not be confined to the fashion world but for all industries I have interest in. We must always challenge ourselves to never stop learning – there are so many digital tools out there. I’ve now been hired for projects in Travel/Hospitality, Fashion, Retail, Marketing, Publishing, Healthcare, Food/Beverage and every experience has offered something different. Perspective allows you to examine a project from all angles and think outside the box. Read more>>