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Hi Natalia K, what’s the most important thing you’ve done for your children?
I have been overly honest about everything with my child. I found that the generation I grew up in was actually very sheltered and shielded from so much information. I feel that we were given the fuzzy end of the lollipop in life. We missed out on many teaching tools our parents considered to be “advanced” for our age. I make it a number one priority to always explain situations going on in the world from every point of view and get them in step with rationalising, understanding and evolution. For example: I teach that bullying isn’t always because someone chooses to be mean. I don’t allow my child to put blame on another for being rude. I first sit them down and help them understand things that upset them could also upset another kid which in turn can cause them to lash out. Just because my child understands how to handle information or change in their life does not mean every other child understands how to handle it. I then teach them that they should maybe reach out to that bully and maybe try to become friends with them. They could be pushing people away because of a deeper issue. I don’t want my child to believe that they have to fix it, I just want them to know they might have the ability to fix it. While also gaining a new friend and maybe teaching their new friend better habits to embody. No one likes to feel left out, But sometimes we need to just be alone. So we also keep that in mind when approaching a new potential friend who might not be open to letting new people into their life. I hope moving forward into the future this brings a greater impact on my child’s emotional understanding of the world and allows them to embrace all types of emotions and not shut them down just because it’s not always something happy.Let’s talk shop? Tell us more about your career, what can you share with our community?
I’ve been really into modelling ever since my older step sister Kaily Alissano got into it. I started professionally in 2019. By professionally I mean, I deleted my Model Mayhem profile and refused to work with anyone who wasn’t a published photographer. January I was just starting, I walked my first runway ever. It was Eco Fashion Week. By April I had gotten into my first televised runway competition. Model Hunt International and I got to experience this amazing training class and meet awesome people like Erin Green from Americas Next Top Model. By summer I was walking in LA Fashion Week for Italian streetwear designer INKOVER. I Landed my first cover and feature in Alternative Magazine. By fall I had already made it onto Telemundo and a few music videos. The end of the year I managed to land a Coach Fragrance campaign. Today, I’m signed with this amazing agency Hannah Noelle. I’m doing great. It was not easy in the least. I honestly had to just take in every negative comment anyone could ever say about me and embrace it. WHAT? Embrace, yes! I got told so many times that people hate my tattoos, Hated my hair. “Oh god I hate your eyebrows” an got told by someone I worshiped “I just don’t see you as a model” Yea, That one. That one hurt so much. You know what I did? I blocked them and stopped speaking to them. I learned that I didn’t have to listen to anyone who rejected me. Twenty people can reject you and theres always one that will love everything about you. My one was Giles Taylor. Oh no I’m a thousand percent sure he hates me. Oh but he knows everything. He is the Arizona fashion industry. So when he tells me “walk slower” I walk slower. when he says “I hate this about you” I change it. He straight up sent me a link to a back brace off Amazon. I bought it, I wear it. Your enemy in this industry is probably your friends. They are your knight in shining armor. They will tell you “Oh they’re just jealous, You’re doing great.” You aren’t, You need that one person out of twenty that loves everything about you. But will tell you everything you need to change in order to be successful. This industry isn’t about who you know and who you’re friends with. Its about being cutthroat and right to the point, You have to be willing to change everything about your look to be number one. I am so not there. I wont be for a long time. But I learned that change is beautiful no matter how much it might hurt you. Someone’s mean comments will help you, Only if you let it. Just take it with a grain of salt. So my brand is horrible fashion sense. unkept hair, covered in tattoos, weird eyebrows. Big mouthed, annoying “so not a model” me. But when I’m booked for a job or on that runway. I’m whoever you need me to be.
If you had a friend visiting you, what are some of the local spots you’d want to take them around to?
First since we’re probably leaving from Sky Harbor when I pick them up, I’m going to tell them to get a late afternoon flight. Cause when they land I know the perfect place to relax and grab a fun drink and desert. The Mango Rabbit, It has amazing delicious sweet treats and surprises. They’ll love it! The next day we’re going to head up north to The Wave, a really beautiful and breathtaking hot spot hiking trail that leads you into this rock wave oasis. Great for selfies and great way to burn off those extra sweets from the day before. On our third day, we have to keep the action going. So we are going to head into Williams for the drive in zoo. Not only do your wishes to be up close and personal with these exotic animals come true. But all the donations go directly to those animals in need. It’s a good healthy cleanse of the soul while also seeing these beautiful animals roam around in bigger exhibits. Our fourth day we are going to be a little weird and rent some four wheelers and take them out to Parker Arizona to find a cool hidden bar. It’s not so hidden you can take Lake Havasu straight there. But wheres the fun in that? A little adventure before a night cap and dinner never hurt anyone. On our fifth day we’re going to head into Fossil, Amazing waterfalls and a fun little hike. spend the day soaking up the sun and enjoying nature at its finest. Make sure to bring a flash light though. Those trails can take some time and it gets dark fast out there. The sixth day, Pigtails hidden bar. Tasty flatbreads, signature drinks and little reading nooks. Give our minds a little break and also relax in a chill environment. Because who doesn’t love a good book to sharpen the mind? Last but not least Ocotillo Bar and Grill. Not only do they have healthy vegan treats and meals but they have something for everyone. It’s a spacious outdoor dining. Keeping that social distancing while also enjoying a lovely dinner by candlelight. Its intimate and cozy a great way to end your trip to Arizona.Shoutout is all about shouting out others who you feel deserve additional recognition and exposure. Who would you like to shoutout?
My child Alexzandria definitely deserves a shoutout she has been so kind and understanding during this global impact, She still finds sunshine at the end of each day. My significant other Justin Proctor by far deserves a shout out with everything going on he has stayed calm and collected. He’s been a great rock for us to hang onto and has been working so hard. I have no idea how he does it!

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