We had the good fortune of connecting with Nycki Schroeder and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Nycki, can you walk us through the thought-process of starting your business?
This is a great question…. Honestly, I’m going to pretty blunt with my answer. I didn’t feel secure in any 9-5 job that I was in. I am a young mom and every time one of my kids was sick (which is often when day care is involved) I feared I would be let go at my job. Not to mention the cost of day care, keeping up a professional appearance; new clothes, hair done, nails done, down to the cleanliness of my shoes ha! It really ads up. And even in an hourly + commission job at the end of the month I always broke even…. I worked 50 hours a week to break even! I use my voice as a young mom and now business women to talk about the financial pressures women have to even break even to work! So to go full circle and answer the question, I needed a way to make more money and be home with my kids especially when they were sick. My business has done that for me!

Can you give our readers an introduction to your business? Maybe you can share a bit about what you do and what sets you apart from others?
Of course! I own a boutique social media marketing agency based out of Scottsdale called Fempire Marketing. I service small to medium sized (mostly women owned) businesses. I think what sets me apart is my agency is very affordable and practical for smaller business like realtors, smaller interior design firms, wedding planners, any kind of photography, med spa’s, dentists, chiropractors, smaller legal offices. We service them by giving them the views from social media, clean branding and retargeting strategies via ads or email marketing that they need to compete with the competitors around them! This is a huge win for… “the little guys” the more customers my clients get the more services they need from me and we grow together its really a great business model that keeps us feeling accountable! I am really proud of myself this year my company is now in the US, Canada, England and Australia. I have 6 team members from designers web developers, brand strategist, and other team members that help me stay organized. To be an international business and help other women be able to stay at home with their kids and provide income for them to help me is one of the greatest gifts when it comes to Fempire. Was any of it easy? No way! The passion is there so its easy to stay motivated but the day to day is filled with tons of learning curves. Things like the social media platforms either one, frequently change or two an entirely new one pops up and you have to be able to make educated guesses with very little data from anyone else quickly! We face these challenges with tons of testing! test this photo, this content, this font, these colors, this audience…. you name it! It is quite the puzzle, and while it’s not easy, I love every moment of problem solving. I truly learn something new everyday! I have learned so many lessons, the BIGGEST lesson I can tell entrepreneurs in the social media space… the ONLY list you own is email or numbers… if you plan is to grow anything THAT has to be the most important. Vanity numbers of followers do not guarantee conversion and can honestly go away at ANY time. I can’t even explain how many times accounts get blacklisted, banned, links get permanently blocked, SM accounts get deleted….. I’m telling you Email/SMS marketing is not the “sexiest” but it converts high and YOU OWN IT. If I could scream to the mountain tops about my brand and my story and tell everyone what Fempire Marketing is all, I would say, it’s that we build the empire of YOUR dreams. So many Etsy shoppers just need to make 100 sales a month for their family and there are no options in their price range… but we are! The small firms that don’t have huge monthly budget for advertising, they no longer need that. We grow with you until you are there. It is a win win for everyone! That is what sets us apart. We meet you were you are at and get you to where you want to be!

If you had a friend visiting you, what are some of the local spots you’d want to take them around to?
Ohhh, I love this question! I grew up in the valley. I am a huge city girl but Az also offers so many amazing out of the city spots! When I have family fly into town for the weekend I would highly recommend them staying in Scottsdale, I live in Scottsdale and will probably never leave! I would recommend staying at somewhere like The Saguaro Hotel or one of my favorites The Scott Resort! They both provide amazing places to relax, lounge and having are amazing places to stay. If your looking for hole in the wall, family Mexican food my favorite is Los Favoritos, or if we are pregaming for old town then hands down you have to go eat the pink tacos at Diego Pops, and NO that is not a typo! Ha. From fresh margaritas to amazing tacos they won’t let you down. I’m a huge fan of Dakotas in Old town, I feel like it will never disappoint on a Weekend night. I can’t think of a better way to spend Saturday then at Scottsdale Quarter for shopping, art, and great food. If it’s the right time of year I also highly recommend spring training games! If you are looking for a great time to escape the heat, I always find myself at 1 of these 3 places. The Rim in Payson, Fossil Creek near Strawberry, or the absolutely breathtaking city of Sedona! All of these spots have easy hike options and awesome views! Sedona has great shopping, food and views anywhere you end up! Fossil creek waterfall is one of my favorite places in Arizona and The Rim in Payson is my go to get away when you need a breathe of fresh air out of the city!

Who else deserves some credit and recognition?
My life mentor and support has all come from my mom, she always pushes me to be better and no matter what I pick she has been behind me. She pushes me to be bigger and the best at what I’m doing. It’s the perfect balance of motivation and support. My biggest business motivation is a book that really REALLY kicked my business into high gear. Gary Vaynerchuk’s book “Crushing It” is an AMAZING mix of business advice and the push you need as an entrepreneur as far as “other stories” that are absolutely thriving leaving you to feel totally confident in yourself ha!

Website: FempireMarketing.com
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/fempiremarketing/
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nycki-schroeder-2b026b160
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Fempireagency/

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