We had the good fortune of connecting with Vinyl Vixen and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi Vinyl , is there something that you feel is most responsible for your success?
Being consistent, in all things, and staying authentic in your brand. I think success is made up of many key ingredients within a business, however consistency is something I value above all. By definition, consistent means “unchanging in nature, standard, or effect over time.” Being consistent in the quality of our work and our very personal customer service/relations is huge. We have always said from day one that we were only going to focus on doing the best possible job we can, and I think that shows in our work. You have to be consistent in your work ethic. Your drive to succeed. Your will to grind. I 100% believe that you will reap whatever you sow, and delivering the same quality in every job and giving your customer’s that undivided attention and care makes a big difference in the long run. Consistency doesn’t just relate to the products or services you are offering though. Social media has been a major tool for our success as well, and authenticity is key there. Having a regular posting schedule, with interesting and engaging content plays a large part in our continued success online with social media. We show an interesting take from behind the scenes in our shop, and I think it makes people appreciate how much work goes into our projects. We like to vary our posts between time lapses, reveals, behind the scenes, videos, photos ,bloopers, etc.

Alright, so let’s move onto what makes your business stand out professionally? What are some of the challenges you have faced to get where you are today?
We always consider ourselves to be wrap artists, first and foremost. We treat our wraps like intricate works of art, that we put hours and hours of technical skill and dedication into. Our shop is notoriously known for “overwrapping,” which is essentially going above and beyond with a wrap (I never thought that was a bad thing!). Most of our wraps, we are doing full disassembly, as my co-owner/installer is also a certified mechanic. A single exterior color change on a vehicle with us, typically involves disassembly of: Bumpers, sensors, handles, mirrors, grill, vents, trim, seal, door panels, lights, and more. We typically spend about 1 week to wrap a vehicle, we wrap around all the panels and secure the edges. This creates a longer lasting, and better looking wrap. Many shops will only spend 1-2 days per vehicle, with minimal disassembly; handles and mirrors at best. Because of our disassembly options, we can wrap projects that other shops won’t even touch. Motorcycles, Helmets, Wheel Chair Frames, full door jamb-coverage color changes, baby shaping helmets… the list goes on!

We specialize in doing high quality wraps meant to last. I think one of our bigger challenges with our business, is the fact that both of us co-owners are installers first. Neither of us have any marketing or business background/schooling. We were both working at a local wrap shop, during my wrap apprenticeship. Ended up having a falling out with the owner, and unexpectedly quit and walked out. That’s when we decided to do our own thing and started Wrapsesh. The first year was extremely hard for us. Building our own client base, finding a cheap space to work out of. Mind you, we had zero savings, loans, or investments to start out. There was a winter where we had no electricity at our house, or hot water. We were cooking foil dinner out on our patio and wrapping bikes in our dining room during the day! Those were the GRIND Times. We have bounced between 4 different shops, sharing space with other companies. There are so many ups and downs when starting, and with owning a small business. I have had to learn how to manage our company, Quick Books/accounting, pricing everything…. all of these things were new to me. I didn’t really have anyone teach me what I needed to know. It has always been an ADAPT or FAIL situation, and I don’t accept failure well! The fact that our goal has always been to do the best possible job, has shown in our first few years. We are well known for being one of the big name shops that specializes in high quality wraps. We have an authentic and unique approach, and we are all about sharing knowledge and supporting our wrap industry. Many shops don’t want to share trade secrets with their competition. I think that has gained us a lot of respect along the way, that I am super grateful for. We have the greatest supporters online and offline!

If you had a friend visiting you, what are some of the local spots you’d want to take them around to?
Arizona is really a beautiful place, it has been my home pretty much all my life! Yes, it is HOT! but only for a few months of the year during the summer, is it the most unbearable, and luckily it is a “dry heat.” There are so many beautiful hiking trails out here we like to visit. Catching an Arizona Sunset is like no other! We also live close to Superstition Mountain, which has an old mine/ghost town that is really cool to check out. It is only a 30 minute ride to Canyon Lake. My partner and I both ride motorcycles, and love to take late afternoon rides down to the lake on the curvy mountain roads. Another really fun thing to do down here during the summer is to float the salt river. People will build these crazy raft contraptions out of multiple inner tubes. They bring music, drinks, snacks, and their whole crew out to the river to float together. It is a super fun experience if you have never done it. Within the city there are always lots of concerts, interactive exhibits, and seasonal adventures. The Renaissance Fair is also one of my favorite things to visit in Spring Time. If we really wanna get lost, we will go to our home town and stay on Mount Graham for the weekend . One of the largest telescopes in the world is placed on top!

Who else deserves some credit and recognition?
We have an incredible team here at the shop. We are small, with only 3-4 employees at a given time, but strength is not in numbers. I call our crew the Shark Mouth Squad. I am incredibly grateful for the people that have put trust in our company, and are here to help us grow. Here at Wrapsesh, we also have over 20 different sponsors that support our shop. We are unique as a shop, in the sense that most shops are sponsoring client vehicles; Although, we do sponsor vehicles, we have a lot of different companies that actually sponsor and support our shop in some way. These companies provide us with important tools, materials, and online marketing that has expanded our reach and respect within our industry. There are lots of things in our shop that we could not have ever gotten, without the help of our sponsors. In return, we do tons of online marketing for these products/companies, product testing, youtube episodes, etc. Having so many amazing companies backing us and supporting us, has made Wrapsesh a house hold name in the wrap industry. It has provided some really amazing opportunities for us. Our main sponsors are Mutoh America, Fellers Inc, We Print Wraps, YelloTools, Stek Automotive, Luxe Auto Concepts, Cheetah Wrap, Innovative Tools and Technology, Hexis, Fusion Tools, Pressure on Demand, and many more! We love these guys to the moon and back! We also have companies that we regularly collaborate with to make amazing, one of kind designs. We specialize on the vinyl installation in our shop, so we really couldn’t do these amazing prints without our nation wide design team: Glarb Designs, Curvaceous Wraps, and Iron Duck Designs.

Website: www.wrapseshaz.com AND www.vinylvixenwraps.com
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