Most of the media often paints all businesses with a single stroke, but in our experience businesses are each unique and so many of them are focused on making the world a better place. We’ve highlighted a few such gems below.

The Lovers Passport Stephen Jiroch & Giselle Langley | Photographer and Blogger

We think our business helps our community and the world by inspiring others to travel and experience different cultures. I grew up in California and did not leave the USA until I was 19 years old. Once I finally left for a few months of travel in Europe, it completely changed my view on work, vacation, time management, food, and so much more! Both of us think traveling is so important when you are younger because it can introduce you to so much the world has to offer. A lot of people in our community think of travel as being difficult, expensive, or that they do not have enough time. Our goal is to help other full time workers get out and travel on the weekends through travel inspiration photography, budgeting tips, and itineraries! Read more>>

Aimee Esposito | Executive Director of the nonprofit Trees Matter

Our nonprofit, Trees Matter, has a mission to inspire and promote an increased tree canopy in the Valley (Greater Phoenix Metro Area). By planting, caring, and educating our community on trees, we help make the Valley a safer, literally cooler, and more beautiful place. A big emphasis of our strategy is to focus on tree equity which means planting trees in areas that have disproportionately less trees due to lack of investment, infrastructure, and historical inequities like redlining. Our goal is to encourage people to be more connected to the trees that grow and thrive around us. Read more>>

Blaire Lometti | Realtor/ non profit owner

I started this business when Covid shut down my events for my non profit. Whenever I help a client buy or sale I give back 10 percent to a local family or charity of my clients choice. We have been able to help so many families thanks to my clients choosing me. Read more>>

Bee Robertson | Cannabis Advocate and Founder of Mothering with MaryJane

Mothering with MaryJane was created with the intent of bridging the gap between motherhood and holistic health and wellness. It is hard being a mother and, over the years, we have been tasked with more than ever. From being a professional to a wife to a daughter, mothers tend to lose themselves in it all. The phrase “it takes a village to raise a child” is widely known. However, here at Mothering with MaryJane, we believe it also takes a village to uplift a mother. We are here to be the support mothers need to begin healing from generational traumas, illnesses, and life itself rather than passing these things down from generation to generation. It is time that mothers start putting themselves first and stop pouring from empty cups. Read more>>

Trey Granger | President, Friends of Scottsdale Public Library

People don’t realize that even though libraries are (usually) government operated, these funds only cover the basics like building costs, staff, and materials. When people utilize a free program or event at their local library, a Friends group is typically involved in some capacity. In Scottsdale, we focus our efforts on spreading the impact of the library outside of branch walls. We fund free giveaways to encourage second graders in all public schools to sign up for their first library card. We partner with local and national authors to speak in different venues and encourage literacy at all ages. We provide funding for mobile libraries in high-traffic areas like parks and community centers so everyone has access to free books. All of these programs are offered to the community at no charge. Read more>>