Most of the media often paints all businesses with a single stroke, but in our experience businesses are each unique and so many of them are focused on making the world a better place. We’ve highlighted a few such gems below.

Chelsey Hallblade | Fitness Transformation Coach

My business helps women become healthy and confident. When this switch happens, it has a ripple effect on everyone in their life! When you are healthy and confident in yourself, you show up differently. You are a better mom, partner, friend, coworker, employee, just all over human. Becoming confident in your skin can truly be life changing! Read more>>

timothy mattimore | Landscape Photographer

First off, I would never categorize my photography as a business – not yet at least, haha. It is a passion of mine and something that I am fully invested in on a personal level. This passion took root after a trip to Iceland in 2018. It was there that a deep love of the natural world and landscape photography began to take on a truly meaningful role in my life. Read more>>

Dr. Lucy Surya | Co-Founder of Eastwest Integrated Care

In our practice we believe that the blend of conventional and complementary medicine, provides well-rounded treatment of physical and mental symptoms. In our clinical experience we have observed that trauma and pain, whether physical, emotional or both, and the development of addictive behaviors has widespread impact on the lives of those we serve, their families, and the community. Read more>>

Laura Gray | Mom. Child of God. Survivor. Author. Co-Creator. Lifelong Learner. Life Ambassador.

I Pride officially launched in January 2015 when I received my first “no”. Rather than sink down in defeat, it pushed me to pursue my dream and find the right fit for the program. Read more>>

Bailey Dumpprope Dumpprope | Herbalist & Holistic Wellness practitioner

My intent with Rooted Remembrance is much bigger than me. I think its important to acknowledge that sometimes its not about how many people you reach but how big of an impact you leave on each of those you do. Don’t be mistaken though my goal still always has been to reach as many as possible, but making sure it reaches them in a meaningful way that can cause this ripple affect of social impact. Read more>>

Randall Pulfer | CEO & Co-Founder

Here at Chipp Golf Company, we design premium-quality golf gloves with some of the most unique designs you’ve ever seen as a way of spicing up the boring industry that is golf apparel. We believe that every business should have a philanthropic mission and ours is to spread awareness and raise funds in order to cultivate the growth of the game of golf in surrounding communities. Read more>>