To persevere or to pivot is a question that do-ers have been asking themselves since the beginning of time. It’s never a straight road when you are doing something new, blazing a trail, breaking a ceiling, or pushing boundaries, so it’s only natural to wonder whether to give up midway. How do you know whether to keep going or to give up?

Chayla (kay-luh) Langley | Creator | Artist | Tattoo Artist

There’s been a few times in my life where i’ve asked myself if I should give up or quit on my passions. Sometimes life throws some pretty heavy situations at you and you’re left with feelings of doubt. I’ve had moments in my business where I had to take a step back and really analyze whether I should just give up or keep going. Read more>>

Andrea Robles | Interior Designer

I believe we all want something at one point or another, it is the not giving up on what you believe at your core that allows for you to not give your self an option of failure. Instead focus on what you want and keep motivating your self every time things don’t go the way you want them to go. No one will ever want things for your self more then your self!. Having family and friends that support or give you words of encouragement plays a big factor on your pursuit for success. You have to tune your vision into what you want most and not allow the noice distract you from your goal. Life is full of options and choices you have to remind your self that this is what I want most and this is what i refuse to give up. Read more>>

Chelsea Rector | Freelance Artist

Finding the will to persist is an issue, I would say, for most artists right now. With the emergence of social media and a general ease of access to seeing the work of others across the globe, it is a common feeling to think you’re just a drop in an exceedingly talented ocean. When I am throwing my own art out there into Digital Land to be judged and accepted or rejected by anyone who sees it, I sometimes feel as though it’s in vain. Who is going to see it? Read more>>

Jamison Scott | Lead Guitarist for Brace Yourself

We just keep going. Giving up isn’t an option for us. You can’t expect everything to be given to you without some work behind it and we plan to do that work. What helps us to keep going is thinking about where you are now and picturing how you wanted it back before you had it. Everyone gets caught up on what they don’t have in numbers, equipment and more; and at times, we do too but, looking at the accomplishments we made and having the mindset that you can do this is the best way to keep going for your dreams Read more>>

Kaeden Peterson | Photographer & HR Professional

Creatives don’t usually get into the business for money or fame. They get into the art because of their love and passion for creating things that are beautiful or have meaning. If you are struggling with the thought of “Should I just give up?” or “How do I keep going”, you must always remember your “why”. Why did you start creating? It is also important to remember the impact that your creations have, even if it is just on you. One of my favorite photographs hangs in my house in a giant 20×30 frame. It is certainly not the best picture I have ever taken, but it holds such value in the memories created there and the time I spent on it. Read more>>