We asked some of the city’s rising stars to reflect on what made a difference in their journey. We asked them to tell us about what they think the most important factor has been behind their success.

Chanan Bennett | Creator and Host of Chanan Rise Live!

The most important factor behind my brands success, I would have to say is the ability to execute in real time. Whether it be music, modeling, hosting, or creating, having the confidence and freedom to take that shot is so huge. I’m not saying I always 100% know what I am doing but if I can get it done and not just done but make an impact in my own authentic way that is enough for me. For instance I slid into @Larussell DM about 20 times asking him for an interview before he agreed. Read more>>

Dr. Jeff Comer | Hospital CEO and Doctor

For me, the there are two factors that have led to a great deal of my professional success as a hospital CEO: being visible and persevering. First, always being visible in my organization has provided numerous benefits to me personally and to the organizations I have led. By rounding through all departments each day, I can get to know my employees and help to resolve any issues they may be facing. Read more>>

Daniel Guajardo | Husband | Father | Small Business Owner

The most important factor behind our business is the positive impact we have on our clients. Clients come to us for a certain service, whether it be window cleaning, pressure washing or auto detailing; however, our hope is that our authenticity, transparency, and kindness leave a positive, lasting impression that goes beyond the quality work that we were hired for. We really desire to build a relationship with our clients, and there are many that we have been able to do just that. These relationships are what make us successful and being able to leave a positive impression on our clients is what satisfies us at the end of each day. Read more>>

Melissa ( Missi) Hughes | Event Consultant, Planner & Promoter

The most important factor behind my success cannot be labeled to just one. My TEAM, my clients, my vendors, my family and all those amazing people who attend our events. These people and businesses are the reason my business and my life is so enriched and successful. It truly takes a village! Read more>>

Braden Johns | Professional Horse Trainer

For me it is my work ethic that was instilled from a young age growing up on the family ranch and from being around good cowboys/cattlemen like my grandfather. When all else fails you can still have a work ethic and discipline to overcome problems and bad luck. Read more>>

Frank Morales | Sales & Management Trainer, Coach, and Mentor

Kaizen, which is a Japanese business philosophy of continuous improvement of working practices and personal efficiency is a discipline I unknowingly adopted early in my career. As the company owner, I worked over 40 years in Software development and had to continuously learn new operating systems, hardware, and accounting platforms. As soon as I learned one thing, it was outdated, and I had to learn the next innovation. Read more>>

Timothy Boudreaux | Chef/Spice Company Owner

I believe the most important factor behind the success of our brand is the uniqueness of the products. We utilize ingredients from Arizona, New Mexico, Mexico, and South America. We are also gluten free, msg free and lower sodium which also allow us to reach a vast market. Read more>>