Taking Risk is essential, but how much, when and why? Taking risks effectively is as much of an art as it is a science and we’ve asked some of the brightest folks in the community to tell us about how they think about risk taking.

Queen Jordii | Jewelry Designer, Motivational Speaker & Model

I think taking risks is something that we all have to do if we wish to become successful in life. It’s impossible to level up if we shy away from taking risks and I believe I have always understood that. When I separated from the Air Force in 2018, I used my last paycheck to fund the start-up of my business. I had no business knowledge and it was definitely risky to splurge my last on inventory and so much more. At that time I also had a 6 month old child. It was such a huge risk to leave my military career behind to become a stay at home mom then a business owner just one month later. Was it worth it though? Definitely! I never would’ve known what would’ve happened if I didn’t take the leap. Read more>>

Riley Ortiz | Lash Extension Artist

Risk has always been my biggest fear. Thinking to myself the possibility of failing would just end me. I came from a place where I felt like I needed to work for someone to feel a sense of security. I was unhappy and over worked and would find myself dreading another work day. I had an end goal planned out in my head but the universe had another plan in mind. I was somewhat forced to abruptly leave my job (on great terms) and pursue my dream of starting my own business early. This was scary at first but has become easier and more natural as time goes on. Which is the case with most things in life. Read more>>

Joselyn Gamez | Chef

I definitely took a big risk, It all stemmed from an idea, A dream to have a food truck. I am a home cook. I grew up in Nogales a popular bordertown. I spent weekends, and summers in Mexico at my grandparents house. I enjoy cooking meals for my family. Soon enough we came across a gentleman selling a food truck. It was not in a very good condition. We stripped it, and slowly rebuilt it. It took a few years. It was a project. My partner was so involved,and helpful throughout our food truck journey. Having worked in the food industry, I realized I knew how things were supposed to be done, So I quickly signed up for a restaurant manager course. Once certified, I got licensed. We were ready to dive in to the food industry. I was ready to share the awesome flavors from Sonora. Read more>>

Dean Nelson | Journalist, Journalism Professor, Host of Writer’s Symposium By The Sea

Taking risks is the only way you’re going to get anywhere, break new ground, learn anything, achieve anything. One of the best questions I can ask is, “I wonder if I can do this?” If there isn’t a significant possibility that the answer is going to be “No,” then it’s probably not worth doing. I am not making the case for doing something dumb. You actually do need a parachute if you’re going to jump out of that airplane. I am saying that if you play it safe throughout life, you might live a long time, but you’ll be boring and bored. Read more>>

Samantha Jones | Owner of Jones Family Kitchen

Jumping into the food world is always a risk, but for us it began with a big leap of faith during a global pandemic. We had always known getting into the food-game was the plan, but both Jake and I had wonderful teaching careers that we were dedicated to…pre-covid. Covid flipped the world on its side and definitely changed life for us. Two weeks before the world shut down, I gave birth to our son and felt I needed to stay home with our kids and step away from teaching. Read more>>

Radine Dempsey | Professional Stylist & Designer

Every career and professional decision comes with a risk and every risk has lead to the next phase of my life. Living without fear of what might happen with each new opportunity has given me a career filled with abundance. As ‘pivot’ is the new term used for the concept of career adjusting I’ve been full circle several times. It’s down right scary sometimes, lead by what if’s. What if I had not made the decision to move to Scottsdale? It’s turned out to be one of the best risk’s I have taken. Read more>>