We are super fortunate to be in touch with folks from across a broad range of industries and one the best things about that is that we are constantly learning things from them. Industry insiders often have all sorts of insights that aren’t available to the public at large and so we asked insiders from a variety of industries to tell us something that outsiders are probably unaware of.

Shereka Jackson | STEM Advocate, IT Professional, Public Speaker and Trainer

Future Stars, Inc is a non profit organization that provides a direct serve to the youth in the Phoenix Metropolitan area. Having a direct serve organization most grant funders want to know how many students you will serve and not all direct serve organization services is about quantity of serve but the quality of serve. Future Stars being STEM education to inner city youth that would not other wise have the opportunity to explore. We have always talked about the digital divide and how are youth and families are not equipped to compete. Read more>>

Breana Edwards | Breana Edwards: Wedding & Event Coordinator

There are SO many things that go into planning a wedding, and the wedding business is not what it looks like in the movies! The finished product is a beautiful day that everyone gets to enjoy but it is not nearly as glamorous behind the scenes. Any vendor working a wedding is basically working nonstop for 8-16 hours. We are working our butts off to make sure that everything is going perfectly for our couples. Read more>>

Joanna Dittman | AZ Blondeologist and color specialist

I think what most people don’t understand as a hair stylist is we don’t get a salary, paid time off, sick leave or insurance. Most of all that comes from us out of pocket. We don’t make money if we don’t work; plain and simple. It’s difficult when you we faced with a sick child and you must then cancel a whole book of clientele and income. It’s never convenient but as a hairstylist you adapt and create plans in advance for this. We always know that means sometimes we are going to come in on days off and stay later to accommodate a missed day. Read more>>

Serena Rios McRae | Watercolorist of Cactus Clouds Art

Being an artist is grueling and hard. Visual artists, whether they be fine artists, digital artists, photographers, etc, are often taken advantage of and even more often have their worth highly underestimated. Today we live in a world where with a tap of a couple of buttons on a phone artwork can be stolen, and used, edited, reclaimed, however someone wants to. Artists are often given the words, “I’ll give you exposure” as if a handful of views is equal to a bill that artist has to pay, or a child that artist has to feed. Read more>>

Heidi Dwigun | Heidi Dwigun

Working in the non-profit sector, I believe that outsiders may be unaware of how greatly you care for the people you’re helping. At the Harvest Compassion Center, we not only want to provide basic needs items to our guests but also take the extra time to talk to each of them to see what is going on in their lives and what resources do we have or know that may be able to help them get back on their feet. We want everyone to feel loved, cared for and truly helped to lead a better, safer and healthier life. Read more>>