We asked members of the community how their organizations help the community. We’ve shared some of the responses below.

Ellie Evans | Miss Desert Rose’s Outstanding Teen 2022

If you’re reading this, chances are you or someone you know has been touched by cancer. In Arizona, cancer is the second leading cause of disease-related deaths. Each year in our state there are almost 40,000 new cancer diagnoses and over 13,000 cancer-related deaths,1 in 3 people will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime – we shouldn’t wait for cancer to touch our lives before taking action. Over the last several years, I have made a personal commitment to champion the fight against cancer through education, leadership and empowerment. Read more>>

Jevin Hodge | Business executive, non-profit leader, & Congressional candidate

Professionally, I serve as the National Engagement Director for LINK Strategic Partners. In that capacity, I operate at the nexus between community institutions and their stakeholders. I help governmental, non-profit, and corporate clients solve today’s most urgent problems, like addressing the root causes of homelessness or expanding COVID vaccine availability. Civically, I serve as the President of the Booker T. Washington Child Development Center, Arizona’s longest-running Head Start school. We serve hundreds of underprivileged children every year by providing them early childhood education. Read more>>

Lisa Sievers | Intuitive Reader, Self-Discovery Coach, and Wedding Officiant

I have always been drawn to help others find their way. My own personal journey took me on a path of working many “helping” careers before I decided to launch my very own Intuitive Business. After years of reading and studying all things “Intuition”, I decided to take a leap of faith and share my gifts with the world! I had studied and researched pretty much all spiritual topics in some capacity but started my business by offering what I considered my strength: Tarot and intuitive readings. Almost 20 years later, Soul Insights with Lisa provides many services, including tarot/intuitive sessions, past life readings/clearings, numerology/karma readings, face and palm reading, and starseed astrology. Read more>>

Irene Baeza-Gonzales | Grass Roots “Chicana” Lifestyle Influencer

Anyone in the community can go to my Instagram page and take a look on what’s happening in the Latino/Chicano community. I am very grass roots and go to where most influencers won’t go…cultural events from my gente. You’ll see arte events, food, spoken word, open mic, ancestral, curanderas, to the people in the barrios and the low rider community where they too host pop ups. Read more>>

Desiree Cook | Founder and CEO

Through my lived experiences of 4 of my children placed in foster care due to my drug addiction, incarceration, and homelessness. After reuniting with my children I decided to remove the barcode stigma, and bandaid that hovers over our underserved youth. By providing customization first with hygiene new, full size according to age, gender, and ethnicity to fit their unique needs and improve school attendance, academic success, and combat bullying. Hygiene is directly related to self-esteem, and confidence. We also refill every 6 weeks. This innovative program has never been done in the country. Read more>>

Jackson Alvey | Brand Designer & Content Creator

As a member of the LGBTQ+ community, my most fulfilling projects as a business owner have been when I’m working with other LGBTQ+ business owners and change-makers, as well as women in business and BIPOC entrepreneurs. Having owned a small e-commerce business with my husband and working on the plan for our next, we’ve gotten to know some pretty incredible LGBTQ+ entrepreneurs with these huge, important goals. Read more>>

Taylor Haines | Entrepreneur & Content Creator

As someone who has endured challenging moments in my life, the biggest being the loss of my parents by the age of 26. In an effort to seek positivity, I started my blog Eatingwithtayyy (@eatingwithtayyy on Instagram, and Tiktok). Eatingwithtayyy is focused on bringing good vibes into the world. I love to highlight amazing restaurants on my feed and share with my followers. Through my blog I also try to bring awareness to mental health and be a source of inspiration to anyone who needs it. If I have an impact on one life, I would say mission accomplished. Read more>>

Madison Norman | Esthetician/ professional MUA

I believe my business helps the community in all aspects. I’m here to help women and men feel their absolute best in their own skin! I’m here to educate people on skincare and why it’s so important in our daily lives! Read more>>

Brittany Romano | Founder & Owner, Thrive Yoga Studios

Thrive Yoga Studios is a lifestyle brand and social impact organization. The pace of living in America has increased exponentially and the expectations to be a productive citizen have become relentlessly demanding. In a modern day, there are fewer opportunities unplug and tap into what make us extraordinarily creative and vibrant! Our goal is to help people THRIVE and we believe that people can only live to their highest potential when three aspects of humanity are present; self-awareness, physical health and community. Read more>>

JodiAnn | Your Healing & Enlightenment Facilitator

I help empower people to enjoy finding & living their true path; whatever that means to them. By helping people to find their individual inner journey while operating in the world and keeping balance, they can live a joyful & fulfilling life. As they apply techniques and philosophies that I share with them they live a better life with less stress and inspire the people around them to do the same. Read more>>

Bridget M. Shoup | The Crystal Healing Gypsy & Minister

As I evolved in my spiritual path, I learned so much about how to live life with ease! I wanted to start my business to help others learn how to create their reality & live the life they have always dreamt of! The things I offer help my local community & world wide, as I’m able to do meet ups at my local Yoga Studio…. Online & with the books I have written! Read more>>

Grant Quezada | Co- Founder / Co- Owner

Our outward or civic focus at Founding Fathers Collective has been through our mission statement; Community, Connection, Care. My business partner, Jesse Burke and I are both from Prescott along with our wives. We left after Highschool and all did the college thing. Jesse served in the Airforce Reserve for 4 years and I spent 8 years active duty in the army on the Special Operations side and am still serving the last 8 years on the AZ National Guard side. Read more>>