We are so inspired by the businesses in our community because of how many of them are committed to helping to make the world better than it is today. Check out some great businesses below and how they are helping others.

Bethany Tsai | Personal Trainer & Nutritionist

My business helps women become stronger, more empowered versions of themselves. Fitness and nutrition not only positively impact physical health, but mental health as well. Empowered women who are able to take better care of themselves are in turn able to take better care of their loved ones, perform better in their careers and other pursuits, and inspire others along their own journeys. Investing in women’s health is investing in the betterment of our community; the more unstoppable women there are, the more it will flourish in every aspect. Read more>>

Brynn Johnson | Founder ~ Raise for Rowyn

Raise for Rowyn, a non-profit, serves the community by providing financial relief and emotional support after families suffers the loss of a child. This is something we founded shortly after the loss of my daughter Rowyn Leea Johnson. Her light is still shining bright serving families all over the west coast and Arizona. We not only focus on raising funds for these families but offering hope and support when they need it most. Read more>>

Ivan McGhee | Owner & Video Marketing Strategist at Concrete Focus Productions

I believe the way my business helps the community is we give small businesses/entrepreneurs a voice and a face in this digital space we live in. Specifically service professionals. You know, the business owner that doesn’t sell a product. The entrepreneur that provides solutions and piece of mind. The ones that have knowledge and expertise on the market. Read more>>

Erica Albright | Mom, Spiritual Activist, Ambassador of Play, Peace, Love and Fun

Each business I am tied to whether as lead or part of a team is backed by a love for community. It’s that or nothing for me. At Earthshyne Albright Productions we nurture the needs of others in the music industry, small biz, not for profit and families with our top priority to always look to create a win win scenario. Read more>>

Alisa La Liberte | Lymph Nurse

Body R-N-R is on a mission to help people understand the importance of caring for your body and that beauty comes from within. Clients have the opportunity to receive a lymphatic massage while receiveing a facial, IV therapies and perhaps a hand or foot treatment as well. Thus, busy clients can accomplish inner health while receiving pampering treatments. Clients find these treatments incredibly relaxing and appreciate the results achieved in only 60-90 minutes per session. Read more>>

Michelle Mac Lennan | General Manager, Chandler Center for the Arts

The Chandler Center for the Arts embodies the belief that the arts hold transformative potential. The Center elevates the social culture of our community, empowering people to bridge borders through participation, exploration and leadership development of the arts. Widely renowned for excellence in collaborative programming, the Center presents innovative, relevant and diverse artists and cultural experiences that both reflect and expand the community’s interests. Read more>>

Jeff Burkett | National Touring Musician

As a musical artist, a great degree of satisfaction comes from seeing the joy on the faces of the people I am sharing my music with. In these trying times, I like to believe that music is one the most inspiring and effective ways of bringing all the people together, from all places, and all walks of life – regardless of our differences. I believe this impact is one that affects and helps communities around the world put aside our differences and come together. Read more>>