We asked members of the community how their organizations help the community. We’ve shared some of the responses below.

 Janet Skates | Professional Artist, Teacher, Entrepreneur

When I consider my business and how it helps the community and the world I return to my two-fold purpose: Firstly, to honor the desire, passion and need in me to create and Secondly, to honor others by sharing my works of art with them. It is my belief that every person possesses an ability to create. Read more>>

Diane Strand | Serial Entrepreneur, TV Show Executive Producer, Speaker, Bestselling Author, and Nonprofit Founder

As a nonprofit founder, I/we have a mission in helping provide career pathways in the arts. We have programs that work with 3 year old’s through senior citizens and mainstream through special needs. Read more>>

Claudia Shah | Director of Centro SBDC/Business Advisor

Centro de Negocios SBDC started in 2015 with the idea of supporting Latino-owned businesses in LA County in their own language, Spanish. Read more>>

Nancy Ramirez | Owner & Party Stylist

My business helps women get creative with the celebrations they plan for friends or loved ones. I love bringing inspiration with cute ideas women can duplicate and it can all be done on a budget! Read more>>

Space Lounge | An experimental community

I like to think that running a page like Space Lounge helps to put ambient, experimental, and sound design music in front of a wider audience. I had very little knowledge about sound design prior to stumbling across a few obscure IG posts, and as I started finding more and more, eventually I couldn’t get enough! I think most people would find it both as musically stimulating as it is visually, most times, and most likely have a similar reaction. Read more>>

Susan Rowlen | Psychic Medium Susan Rowlen

When I started offering my services privately, I was 18 years old assisting the Chicago police dept. finding missing people. As I got myself more involved with the police dept. I started finding missing people by putting the puzzle pieces together on the cases they were working with a lot of success. Read more>>

Rose Bouvier | Salon owner

Opening a plastic free salon was not going to be easy . I knew I had a challenge ahead of me but after 30 years in the industry I saw a Need for change. I no longer was willing to be surrounded by plastic bottles. Read more>>

Andrea Barkley | Fitness Expert

My purpose in life is to help people feel their fittest. When you get moving, you become healthier and happier and inspire others to do the same too. My new accountability program – The Daily Motivator – texts you each weekday morning with specific workouts and clean eating homework. Read more>>

Kylie Churnetski | RD, NBC-HWC, RYT, CPT

PWHRFL is an integrative health company that believes your best self comes from a combination of physical, internal, and mental health aspects. We provides classes and virtual coaching to women, so they can take control of their health and life through an integrative health approach that builds confidence and consistent habits. Read more>>

Melinda Connor | D.D., Ph.D., AMP, FAM, EHP-C

The team at Earthsongs Holistic Consulting does research in complimentary and integrative health care. We look at a wide range of possible solutions for health care challenges that are common today. We have made a number of discoveries and done research that helps to support cost-effective care for individuals throughout their lives. Read more>>

John Benell | Lead Ranch Hand

We are changing lives everyday as we strive to make every guest feel the peace and serenity of the Arizona Sonoran Desert and escape the busy life. Our ranch motto is “easy Living.’