We are so inspired by the businesses in our community because of how many of them are committed to helping to make the world better than it is today. Check out some great businesses below and how they are helping others.

Maxwell Hart | Founder of Explore Arizona

Explore Arizona helps show off Arizona in all of its beauty through posts on Instagram. Our goal is to show people what Arizona is all about! Read more>>

Jessica Buhman | Watercolor Artist & Medical Appointment Scheduler

Over the course of the last few years, I have become especially focused on how my art business can help my community and others. When I first started painting, I primarily focused on painting things I thought to be beautiful. My focus has shifted slightly, especially over the last few years to asking myself, “How can my art send a message? How can my art help others?” Though I still like to create to try to add beauty to the world and share that with others, I felt called to make more paintings with political or encouraging messages. Read more>>

Greg Conn | Photographer

I believe my work is geared towards the better part of the human experience. The earth we live on, and the moments we share with one another are what we long for most. With photography I can show the world through my eyes, that true beauty still exist in the world. That we can come together as one. One moment, one smile, one picture at a time. Read more>>

Raymond Peeples | Makeup artist

My business helps the community or the world because. I remind everyone that sits in my makeup chair that they are all beautiful! I make it a mission of mine to promote self confidence and to remind them that all of their flaws make up who they are and to also accept that everybody is beautiful in their own way Read more>>

Marisa Ikpoh | Healer

Marisa Moments helps the community and the world by reminding people of their divinity and right to be happy. Which is a fun way of saying… we are more than the trauma(s) we’ve experienced. Deep down, everyone wants to be at peace with their past, in order to have an abundant future. My efforts show those that are ready/willing to change, the door to their personal power as it relates to affecting change. I do this by sharing channeled messages, personal experience and other divinely connected means of expression, that bring clarity to otherwise lofty notions behind healing. Read more>>

Gabriel Ryan | Martial artist and photographer

The images I display with my photography are there to motive others to chase after beautiful experiences. When I take pictures of beautiful landscapes like that of Sedona I think about how my pictures will inspire others to travel and take in the scenery the photo displays. My photography page is called lifeofhonorphoto. The theme is sharing imagines that inspire others to live their version of an honorable life. To me that is a life where I fearlessly go after my dreams without forgetting where I come from. Read more>>