There are so many factors that can play a role in determining our results, performance and ultimately our success, but some factors matter more than others. We asked folks what they felt was the most important factor driving their success.

Marta Beker | Fashion brand founder

Me and my husband decided to create a small online fashion business @chicblissmilan. I was already a fashion influencer on Instagram with quite a few connections and he was successful in selling vintage so we thought that these 2 factors were a great combo to start our own fashion business . We try to be as creative as possible in producing the content for our brand and we relay a lot on influencer marketing for more exposure. We try to be a “relatable “fashion brand Read more>>

Domenico Cicirello | Barber stylist

The most Important factor for me is the ability to do my passion for work. When I come to work it doesn’t feel like work I get excited to be here, my dad has always told me do what you love the money will come. That has inspired me deeply and made me make the leap to a new city. It wasn’t easy and it definitely had its sacrifices but I regret nothing to get to where I’m at now. Read more>>

Karen Chatelain | Designer & Creative Director

I am from Burkina Faso west Africa. As a young child I always wanted to do something that would bring awareness to my country and would allow me to financially support myself in a way where in the future I could give back to the country that I’m from. Read more>>

Lacy Kelly | OnlyFans Model & Lingerie Enthusiast

Quality, consistency, and thoughtfulness. I think those three attributes are the most important for any brand to succeed. You get out what you put in. It’s that simple. Be thoughtful in a way that considers your customers and MAKE IT GOOD. That’s the quality aspect. Be consistent in your work and BOOM. Magic happens. Read more>>

Christine Hotchkiss | Entrepreneur

In 2020 I was a featured person in this magazine, Shoutout Arizona. Not knowing what the opportunity of sharing my journey as a non profit founder of Remember Me Always, Inc. and podcaster for Stories of Hope, I had no expectations, and yet at the same time I had no idea how I would be able to help others with having shared what inspired me to both my non profit and podcast. Read more>>

Mallika Malhotra | Brand Strategist + Mentor

For so long in my business, I spoke to too many people, had too many offers and claimed too many skillsets. I call this the messy “junk drawer” period. The pivotal moment in my entrepreneurial journey was when I committed to a niche and stopped trying to please everyone. Read more>>

Kiana Watson | Model

The most important factor behind my success is confidence and consistency. As a plus sized model, I strive to show that size does not define your beauty. I want to be an inspiration to those who need that reminder. Read more>>

Adele Amos | Producer, TV Commercials

I believe the most important factor behind my success is treating each and every crew member with the same respect that I treat the client, agency & director. Since I started as a PA in 1993, I always paid close attention to everyone ‘above’ me as I came up the ladder…. I had no issues turning down work if there was someone I didn’t like working with, yet would put in 200% for someone I did like working with. Read more>>

Maria Artice | Wood Flower Florist

The most important factor behind our success and of our brand is our family and our community. We believe is important to be engaged in our community. We love getting to know and build friendships. Read more>>

Hayden LeMaster | Graphic Design & Marketing

Networking. Making connections. We live in a world today that, with the internet, is more interconnected than ever. Read more>>