Are you thinking about starting a business? If so, we think you’ll enjoy reading about how these seasoned entrepreneurs thought about the question when they were in your shoes.

Emma Scheets | Certified Child Life Specialist (CCLS) and Owner and Director of Rae Therapies

The main thought I first asked myself when determining to start my own business was, “am I doing what I am supposed to be doing with my life”? I had been working as a certified child life specialist at a clinic in La Crosse, Wisconsin. Like many others, I had been furloughed. I had sixteen weeks to determine if I wanted to live in Wisconsin and work at the clinic for the rest of my life. Ultimately, I decided that I needed to do more to help children and their families. Read more>>

Brian Callahan | Proprietor and General Manager at Crux Winery

We joke that we started our business based on a number of uninformed decisions, perhaps fueled by drinking too much wine. While that may be partially true, wine making was such a departure from our corporate jobs, it was an easy choice. By the time we made a go of the commercial winery we had already accumulated the necessary tools to do the job; we had planted 3 acres of vines to 6 different grape varietals, we had the equipment from our 8 years of home winemaking, and we had a track record of making some delicious wines. Read more>>

Darely Hurtado | Creative director & custodian

I always watered others to grow, felt like it was time for myself to water myself for growth. Feel like it’s only fair, right? I knew I’d offer services and sale our products seems impossible until it’s done. Here I am with a small business big heart and a growing recycling system of our own non toxic products. Read more>>

Livia Devi | 5D Visionary, Mentor & Trance-Channel for an advanced civilisation from the 7th dimension called the Arcturian Council of Light

I felt I need to offer an invitation to the global community to access the teachings, light codes and technologies shared by my guides, the Arcturian Council of Light. My mission with this collective consciousness from 7D is to activate New Earth Leaders, Conscious Entrepreneurs, Change Agents, Lightworkers in their divine soul mission on Earth and actively participate in the co-creation of new social, financial and cultural systems and new templates of existence for humanity. Read more>>

Emma Beamon | Artist, Creative & Small Business Owner

Crafting has been part of my life for as long as I can remember. When I was little my dad would bring home colorful wire from work for me to sculpt with, and I would sit on the floor with my mom and put pictures and poems into my own scrapbook. Throughout the years I explored a variety of crafts, and have loved all of them. I have always loved making things and sharing what I’ve made with others, and I hope that the things I create can bring joy to someone else! So when I first started selling my crafts at a booth at the student market in college, it was to share what I loved to make and to make people smile. From there I decided to start an Etsy shop and have been growing and exploring ever since! My shop is less about the shop itself and more about having an outlet for all of the different things I love to make and being able to share them with everyone! Read more>>

Alex Goodeaux | Creative, Curator & Marketer

The thought process behind my whole business was pretty much taking all the connections and great friends that I have and building us a solid foundation. Of course my blog (Digital Flame) shows love to many great up and coming creatives but really I started it to give my people the recognition they deserve. Pretty much being the voice for the team online. We’ve been growing rapidly as of late but this was a revamp and complete 360 from my previous work (The Local Shooter) but we still have the same plan. PUT PEOPLE ON, CONTROL WHAT WE LISTEN TO AND WHATS PLAYED. Read more>>

Diaz Girls | Picnic & Teepee Stylist

It is something definitely scary to take that first step, however, you need to start somewhere. Even the most successful people were once beginners. This is something that has helped us take that initial step . Once we began, we knew it will take hard work and true dedication. More than anything discipline. Read more>>

Jason Adkins | Artist

First off, I had a lot of support from my fiancé in getting this going. She believed me in me and my work from the get-go. The initial process of starting everything was realizing that everyone is different. Their tastes, their choices, their opinions, and even how they see and view the world. That allowed the ground work for everything to begin. Read more>>

Bridget Richmond | Esthetician

The idea of opening my own business suddenly came to me and I kept following the signs along the way. I did not rush it and was guided by what felt right as my business started to progress more and more. Read more>>

Bronagh Conlon | Managing Director of Listoke Distillery

I grew up in Armagh City and when leaving St Catherine’s College like many 18 year olds, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. I narrowed it down to catering college or studying nursing and managed to get accepted to both. To decide I flipped a coin and ended up choosing nursing. I really enjoyed my nursing career but there was still a part of me that wanted to get involved in the food industry. Read more>>

Shahla Nikpour | Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Owner of Phoenix Thriving Therapy

Starting my private practice has been a sacred process for me in the sense that the services that I have offered are exactly what I have gone through as a human. I am a survivor of Narcissistic Abuse in a family and as well as a past relationship. The recovery and healing process are messy and arduous and as a therapist I was so scared for so long to start my private practice, but it was through a series of painful experiences that I was able to go inward and discover that this is what I needed to be doing because for so many people that don’t quite understand what Narcissistic Abuse is like, I tell people it’s almost like coming back from a war. Read more>>

Leah Kirgis | Owner & Luxury Travel Advisor

Having been in the industry since 2005, I spent many of years building up my book of business and list of clientele. I always toyed with and liked the idea of going Independent and starting my own company and brand but could never find the time to set aside, as an employee in travel, for the many intricacies required in starting my own business. I loved the thought of being independent and having the capability to work from any corner of the world, which I couldn’t always do as an employee. Read more>>

Jean-Michel Edery | expert in luxury real estate

The freedom and most of all not having to stop working because real estate is around the clock and around the globe 24/7 Read more>>