Are you thinking about starting a business? If so, we think you’ll enjoy reading about how these seasoned entrepreneurs thought about the question when they were in your shoes.

Autum Rosenberger | Salon Owner

Starting your own business always comes with a risk. With every risk can also bring great rewards. My salon is located in Queen Creek and I could see how quickly it was growing. I knew that as long as I was able to make my clients feel comfortable while providing an amazing service I would retain them. I focused on retention and referrals while also keeping up with social media, mainly through Instagram. This strategy worked well for my business. Read more>>

Greyson Taylor | Director and Co-Founder of African American Reconstruction

The thought process behind starting African American Reconstruction (AAR) was to create an action based organization that will take the African American community to higher levels through public policy, breaking down barriers, empowering generations, and advocating for equity. The impetus behind our founding was the public execution of George Floyd. Collectively, we were able to turn our pain from the event into passion, and we sought after real, strategic, and longstanding change instead of acting impulsively. After more brainstorming and planning, we were able to establish AAR’s pillars which are: Economic Development, Equitable Public Education, Equal Justice, Political Equity, and Affordable and Available Healthcare. Read more>>

Weston Taylor | Executive Producer

Starting a business was always a dream of mine as a kid. As I got older, and of course came across the right mentors, I was really able to start visualizing in my head how I could make a successful business. In the beginning I would just simply learn from others and of course from my own mistakes. I think it’s most important to learn from others before you start anything! Luckily for me, I love to learn and I strive to learn something new everyday! With the plethora of knowledge that I obtained prior to that officially launch of Nobody Studios, it only took my company a few months to start profiting! Read more>>

Cassie Wicklund | Interior Plant Consultant & Designer

At the start of 2020 while we were all spending more time at home, I asked my mom for a cutting of one of her plants. I rooted it, planted it, and observed it growing. Fast forward a few months, and our home began to fill with plants and greenery – different varieties blooming and turning colors. So beautiful and alive. When my friends visited and saw all the plants, they began to ask me how to care for their own. I gladly helped them out sharing what I knew. The process for starting Maison Des Plants came to me during a trip to Home Depot. Read more>>

Vladeen Hargis | CEO

The thought process behind starting my business was a submission to a lifetime desire of going after my passion. I was born and raised in New Jersey and started styling hair since kindergarten. I became the friends and family hairstylist and it seemed to have followed me all of my life. Despite my instincts, I followed the safe and traditional route of getting educated, working a job, move up and still there was something missing. I wanted to help others while also feeding my own appetite to style across the board. Starting my business was the final attempt for facing my fears on my terms. Read more>>

Lexie Wilson | Manifestation Teacher & Birth Chart Reader

Honestly? I wanted to make my own rules! haha I’m a Capricorn – and so we are GREAT at knowing what to do and how to do it. It makes us fantastic leaders – but it’s a bit challenging to showcase that strong skillset when you’re required to simply “shut up” and “do your job”. lol Professionally; I’m a former Therapist and Social Worker. I was drawn to that field because I love to give to others. I feel most alive when I’m able to live in the energy of integrity and service. However; I quickly learned that there are a lot of “rules” to follow in these fields and most of those “rules” go to benefit someone else’s “pockets” and not the needs of the people. Read more>>

Jennifer Johnson | JeiSlay MUA

If I don’t start now I never will. Read more>>

Danielle Walker | One third of KaDaCa crafting co, crafty trio and tumbler makers

We started KaDaCa in 2020 as an outlet for creativity as well as a form of self care. We needed to be passionate about something and get out of the rut that quarantine put us, and we are sure others, in. It quickly, thanks to social media and word of mouth, turned into a “side hustle” aka small business and we haven’t looked back. We have since become even more passionate about supporting other small shops and local businesses because we are getting just a small taste of what truly goes into running your own business. Read more>>

Danielle Betterman | Director, Better Piggies Rescue

Better Piggies Rescue was built on the pot belly pig overpopulation problems in Arizona. After working with organizations like Ironwood Pig Sanctuary and Circle L Ranch, the need to rescue, foster, and educate was so glaring that I couldn’t avoid it. Being a person that made my career in sales and marketing, it was easy to get the business rolling and gain exposure for the cause but non-profit was something that was a little new to my world. Luckily I had amazing mentors and friends in my life that were willing to work alongside me to complete the dream. Read more>>

Margaret Jacobson | Artist

I have an inborn need to create, it’s something that I must do to feel complete. I new I had a natural talent in art, but I didn’t follow any artistic pursuits until adulthood. Instead I went to college and received my B.A. in Political Science and M.A. in International Relations to help me secure a stable government job. I also joined the Army Reserve at 18, so I could gain the experience I needed to secure the stable job I wanted. Read more>>