Through our work we have been constantly amazed at the incredible things people in every neighborhood are working on. What’s even more exciting is that they all have different stories, backgrounds, strengths and weaknesses. That there isn’t a single formula for success means that everyone can take their unique set of strengths and characteristics and turn it into a success story. We recently reached out to some folks we admire and asked them what characteristics they feel are responsible for their success.

Leila Lopez | Singer/Songwriter, Musician

I think authenticity is so important. It is common to want to conform to a mold that either you have held yourself to, or that is defined by others, and this can be so limiting. In my experience, it is definitely worthwhile work to try and let go of these limitations so that you can move forward and create with more freedom. Read more>>

Scott West | President West Construction, Established 1986

My father, Ed West, is a trained mechanical engineer who worked on airplane jet engines, semi-trucks, and military equipment. His attention and intense focus on detail comes from that background. In that career a missed detail could put lives on the line. He brought that high standard to home building when he started West Construction in 1986, When asked what our brand is -what we are known for -I can say, above all else our reputation is for detail and quality. That can mean something different to everyone, I believe it comes down to four key elements. Attention to detail. I mean detail on all levels, From the billing and timeline to job site cleanliness to the finished home. It’s attention to detail during construction that prevents problems later. We want our homes to stand the test of time. Workmanship. Read more>>

Sadie Marquez | Hairdresser

The most important item that impacted our success was saying yes! We truly believe that our customers have a choice and we are great full to have them. We believe in saying yes. Can we accommodate them, yes. Can we repair their hair, yes. The customer is made to fell taken care of, listened to and receive excellent service. Read more>>

Jeff Ellison | Artist and Teacher

If you attend a lot of video game, anime, or comic book conventions, you are aware of the amazing artists that can be found in artist alley. I think it is very special to be able to own an original piece created by the artist. The secret to my success at the various conventions I attend is that I only sell original art and I specialize in a medium that is very difficult to work with. For my 3D paper art, I cut all of my pieces using only and X-acto knife and glue everything by hand. I refuse to use any form of mass production in the form of Cricut machines or laser cutters, because I want my customers to own a truly original, one of a kind piece that was created by the artist using their natural talent. Read more>>

Olunife Ofomata | Founder + CEO at Sweeter Juice Beauty, a Pure + Potent Skincare Line with Ingredients that Work.

I believe the most important factor behind my success and the success of my brand is knowing my purpose in business and the key influence of God in determining how the process evolves. My business vision is borne out of a honest desire to solve skin problems with products and services and help other businesses within the beauty and lifestyle space thrive and flourish. I started on my business journey by seeking from God clarity and direction on the business niche that resonates with my His vision for my purpose. As soon as God impressed on my mind the industry to go into, based on the skillsets and passion He gave me, I quickly started developing myself to excel in my field. I went about acquiring relevant knowledge and core skills from postgraduate education, apprenticeship, volunteerism and work experience. Read more>>

Jenni Pollack | Owner + Founder of Light + Bark Candle Co

Defining ‘success’ could be a whole topic on its own, but I can speak to the reason why I believe my business is growing, and why my brand has developed a devoted following. The most important factor in those successes is authenticity. I certainly do not know everything that I’m doing, I make mistakes, and as any small business owner will tell you, there is a ton of learning as you go. But through the trials, errors, wins and successes, at the core of everything I do is my authentic passion. I love what I do, I love why I do it, and I care genuinely about creating relationships with my clients and customers. I treat every single-candle order the same way I treat a 1000-candle order. And I care about making the best quality candles I possibly can so my customers have the best experience possible. Read more>>

Dave Bentley | Portrait Photographer

I’m honest, and real. I don’t try to be someone or something that I’m not. When I shoot portraits, for families, couples, or just anyone in general, I like to capture authentic moments and personality. That’s what tells the client’s story. So many times, you’ll hear stories from individuals that hired a photographer, and didn’t get the results they hoped for. That’s not me. With me, you know exactly who you’re working with. Read more>>