We asked some fantastic parents from in and around the city to tell us about the most important thing they have done as parents.

Eduarda Schroder | Mother and Activist

Because I believe we are shaped by our childhood experiences, I vowed to be very aware of how I was experiencing motherhood, with the goal of raising all around healthy capable humans. I was very interested in the passions of each child and worked at opening doors wherever I could. I learned enough about the subjects they were interested in to be able to provide support, encouragement as well as resources. Resources came in the form of mentors, learning opportunities, or a listening ear. Essentially my presence signaled that they mattered and all the while they were learning self-reliance and community building. Read more>>

Roxann irion | Holistic Health Coach & Licensed Esthetician

The most important thing that I have done as a parent for my two girls so far, is guiding them towards acknowledging, knowing, and valuing their worth, and from that worth, using their voice . I came from a very loving family but back then I believe that conversations around “self-worth” and feeling confident in using my voice, were not as prevalent as today. I was a shy child by nature, surrounded by stronger personalities that I always “allowed” to take away my voice. Part of learning to use my voice as an adult required giving myself permission to be vulnerable, open and I want my girls to feel safe in doing so with healthy, personal boundaries. There is so much power in vulnerability, it heals, creates community, and having the courage to be vulnerable and to “say what you mean and mean what you say” creates profound confidence and freedom. I hope that my girls see my mistakes, observe the emotions, and also celebrate what I have been able to create, and how I have persevered through it all. Read more>>

Susan Wilder | Medical Maverick | Innovative Family Physician

In my feeble attempt at balancing 60-80 hour work-weeks with parenting our three daughters, I often multi-tasked by bringing them with me on rounds to see my post-partum Moms and babies and even joining me on home and hospice visits. These adorable little munchkins were far more therapeutic than I could ever be. The best thing I did as a Mom was, out of necessity, to facilitate their independence. Too often, well-meaning but overprotective parents raise veritable “hot house flowers” who cannot function in the real world. Self-esteem and resilience must be earned the hard way. We cannot buy it for them. I often kid that both my children and my garden thrived on benign neglect. However, allowing kids to fail and figure things out for themselves is a gift. In so doing, we also learn more from them than they do from us which inspired me to write the book, “Mouths of Babes, Everything I Learned in Medicine I Learned from My Kids.” Read more>>