We asked some fantastic parents from in and around the city to tell us about the most important thing they have done as parents.

Marlin Sims | Pro Boxer & Truck Driver

The most important thing is being in their lives, showing them unconditional love, and making them believe in themselves. I have two girls 13 and 3 years old I want them to have the same amount of self-love that I have for myself at the age of 29. With that kind of self-confidence, I know that they would be ready to take on the world we know today and the world we have yet to see. I always hear parents say they love the journey of their kids for me I am most excited to see the finished product. Read more>>

Damon Richardson | Graphic Designer

Being self employed / Freelance has given me the flexibility to be present for my adopted daughter which has been awesome. Read more>>

Ashley Craig | Artist

I think the most important thing I’ve done to make an impact on my daughters life is that hard work pays off. It might sound corny but honesty, if you can dream it, you can have it. Now, with that being said, the life you want isn’t just going to fall in your lap, or show up at your doorstep. It takes hard work, determination, ambition, sacrifice, drive and most of all passion. I left a very secure, and successful career in Florida to move to Arizona hopes of a better life, Read more>>

Kristina Stewart | Permanent Makeup Artist & Owner of Elevated Beauty AZ

I am a mother to 3 boys ages. 8, 6 and 3. For me, the most important thing I’ve done for my kids is; Be Present. My husband; their dad, works away from home about 5 days a week. I do a lot of things on my own so I always do my best to make sure they know they are loved and we support them in anything they want to do. Showing up to their Baseball games, their school functions or even just seeing them play something new and figuring it out in the backyard makes every day with them so worth it. I am thankful for my Business because it has allowed me to be present and show up for my kids whenever they need me. Read more>>