Hardwork? Luck? Good habits? What would you say is behind your success? We’ve shared some thoughtful responses below.

Amanda Nguyen | Co-Founder

The most important factor behind our success is the introduction of an exciting new brand that solves a problem for the volleyball community with a simple product. We grew up playing volleyball, but it has not been easy to stay connected to the game due to the setup required – you need access to a traditional net, full size court, and a large group of people. Boardball helps to eliminate these barriers by reducing the extensive setup required so that you can play anytime and anywhere. All that is needed to play Boardball is a board, a volleyball, and 4 people. The game takes a fun twist on volleyball but remains competitive, dynamic, and provides a more accessible way for people to use their bump-set-spike skills. Read more>>

David Bergman | Tour Photographer and Photo Educator

I believe that the most important factor behind my success is persistence. I’ve been a professional photographer for 30 years. In any creative field, you deal with a lot of rejection. I don’t like to take “no” for an answer and keep pushing my way into doing the work that I love. Read more>>

Connie Plunkett | Specialty baker & nutrition coach

The most important factor behind the success of Grounded Sweets is evident in my tag line: “vegan gluten free real food”. My brand is truly unique: nutrient dense scratch baked options which include vegan, gluten free, no refined sugars, or zero added sugar items. My creations are customizable for my personal order customers as well. Read more>>

Jamie Field | Realtor

Without a doubt, the number one contributing factor to my success is having the right mindset. How I think determines how I act. How I act determines the results I get. It all starts with my mindset. To ensure that I have a positive and healthy mindset, I have an intentional morning routine and weekly schedule that I follow. I’m constantly reading and studying as well. I manage my mindset, so it doesn’t manage me. Read more>>

Elyssa Bell | Portrait Photographer

For me, everything started with a passion I had for photography. I grew up with my mom being a role model, always with a camera in her hand everywhere we went. I quickly found interest in it and just grew from there. I originally started of photographing nature, but it quickly turned into being the family photographer at events. Once I realized how happy people were with my photos, I decided to start my own business and move more towards portrait photography. Read more>>

Joshua Anderson | Gaming Content Creator

Consistency. Doing what needs to be done on days or at times when you don’t feel like it, it what separates people and brands from becoming successful. Being consistent has also allowed be to grow my brand because it allows me to connect with my audience and provide assurance to them that I will be there everyday when they log on to the internet. Read more>>

Alexis Bailey | Entrepreneur

Consistency. From my experience, consistency has been the single most important factor to ensuring success of any brand. Consistency creates accountability. I have built an amazing relationships with clients that want to work with me again. Read more>>

Dan Benoit | Automotive mechanic and designer

My willingness to think outside the box, pursue what others find difficult, and the desire for constant growth Read more>>

Brittany Formicola | Crafter

Support. I wouldn’t be where I’m at now without my support team. They’re the ones that put my name out to get me business, that listen to my new ideas or sample my products to give me the honest feedback I need, whenever I ask them. It’s a huge weight lifted when you have your support team. Read more>>

Paul Opocensky | Musician/Artist

I feel that creating events or experiences that are original and personal to those who have attended my shows is key to my brand. A genuine connection to those who chose to share those moments with me has been a blessing. Read more>>

Dr. Cara Hodgson DDS, MS | Orthodontist, Lecturer, and Content Creator

It was not an easy road to become an orthodontist, business owner, and content creator, but I would say the most important factor in getting to where I am today is determination, resilience, believing in myself, and not giving up until what I wanted was mine. There were many times in my schooling and my career that I was told I wouldn’t make it, but I never let the doubters get in the way. Success to me is being loved and loving with all you have, making a difference in the world, and finding what you’re passionate about and good at in life. Read more>>

Cindi Kelly | Mompreneur

As an overachiever, I am no stranger to hard work and determination. In fact, one word- grit- can really describe what has helped me find success in my career in in my life. The dream doesn’t work if I don’t put in the work. Consistently showing up- even when it is hard- makes all the difference. I have found a lot or people have dreams and aspirations, but really struggle when it comes to the consistency needed to manifest their dreams. Read more>>