Hardwork? Luck? Good habits? What would you say is behind your success? We’ve shared some thoughtful responses below.

Wilson Neloy | Founder

The most important factor behind the success of our business would have to be the relationships that we have created and maintained within both the local and national level. We take pride in doing good business and offering fair evaluations along with and experience that Arizona has not seen yet. We strive to give all of customers the best customer service and provide new and never before seen products. The brand represents another chance to purchase highly sought after items and invokes a feeling of exclusivity when you find something no one else has seen. The brand is meant for all and we pride ourselves in being an inclusive destination. Read more>>

Nikki Reck | Public Information Officer

Honestly, Pima Animal Care’s success is all thanks to the support of the Pima County Community. Pima County voters approved Proposition 415 in November 2014 authorizing the county to borrow up to $22 million to improve Pima County’s animal care facility. The original facility was built in 1968, when Pima County’s population was about 300,000 and when animal facilities did little more than warehouse stray animals. The County’s population has grown to nearly 1 million, and the center provided care for nearly 24,000 animals last year. Read more>>

Devon Tillman | Gym Owner- Personal Trainer

The most important factor behind my success comes from my passion to help others. I started my journey as a skinny kid who knew nothing about working out but, I had a goal to gain muscle because I had been skinny all my life. I stuck to it, gained muscle and confidence and at that point I knew what I wanted to do in life. The way I felt after achieving those type of results stuck with me and my new goal was to make others feel the same way I had felt. Read more>>

Xochitl Gracia | Social Worker, Immigrant, Vegan Lifestyle Blogger

I believe in being relatable and providing information that will serve a purpose. My Instagram page focuses on my vegan lifestyle; I’m not striving for perfection but rather for showing that small changes make big impacts, especially in the local scene, which I love to support in any way I can. Authenticity plays a big role in what I do and I enjoy being being as transparent as possible while being respectful of the information I share on my page,, which plays a big role in being relatable. I truly hope and believe that people come back to my page to find attainable ways to incorporate a vegan tip or two into their daily lives, and that right there is when I believe the information I share serves a purpose. Read more>>

Chelsey Bishop | Ketogenic Lifestyle Influencer

Learning the power of persistence and consistency has truly been the major contributing element to not only reaching success in the form of newfound health, but also maintaining it. Read more>>

George Berman | Photographer

Me and my partners have the same work ethics and attitude.We find it important to keep it real, be ourselves, always see photography as art and not a way of getting wealthier. I also think that the fact that we have a real personal approach with all couples that contact us, talk about all details with them, help them as much as we can in any questions or ideas makes us more than just “their photographers” we become friends and a part of their wedding day. It’s important to have your own style in photography, but our vibe is what made us successful. Read more>>

Stephanie Brimley | Pastry Chef and Bakery Owner

My just important factor behind my success is God giving me my talent and drive and just really loving what I do. Read more>>

Elijah Moon | Moon Performance LLC / Owner

Honesty and customer service. I usually ask our new customers what their complaint or concerns were with previous performance shops and most of them say they felt like the shops were over charging and telling them lies about what parts on the vehicle failed causing customers to pay more out of pocket. Honesty goes long ways, Once we can earn the customer’s trust by doing honest work and providing great customer service, they will always return. Its the same concept of restaurants, food may be good but if service is horrible then most likely customers will not return. But if the food is good and waiter /waitress provides good service as well then customers will always go back for more. Read more>>

Dom 2 Timez | National Recording Artist/Producer

The most import factor behind my success with music has been believing myself and continuing to chase my dreams. My failures has played a big role in my success as well. Failing created into the artist in becoming today. Read more>>