There is a wealth of research that indicates that certain habits can help increase your productivity, creativity, and/or drive. So, we thought we’d reach out to respected members of our community and ask them what habits they feel helped them succeed.

Eric Stahl | Videographer & Photographer

Adding photography/videography to my everyday life. Every room I ever walk into I look at it like I’m there for a job. How is the lighting in here? What color pallette am I working with? What color temperature do I prefer in here? Where would I place my subject? What is the best lens for this room? Etc. That way when I do have a iob, I have quick thoughts about my surroundings. It also helps keep my mind distracted from my social anxiety whenever out at gatherings. I always think about bringing my backpack. Before I leave home I now have the habit to think about whether I should bring my backpack. If I do it has just my camera with 1 or 2 lens and/or my laptop…..and sour patch kids. Where I’m headed, is it interesting? Could I potentially capture something worth pulling my camera out for? I believe keeping creative habits like that keeps the mind sharp. Read more>>

Allyson Carothers | Manager

My daily drive helps me be successful. I develop a plan with goals that allow me to stay in course. I always try to celebrate the wins in my head, by congratulating myself. This helps me stay engaged and motivated! Read more>>

Ashley Sophia | Photographer

In photography, I don’t view it as just “pointing & shooting.” I view it as both a business and a skill. Artistic success in photography came from years of learning graphic design, understanding the ins-and-outs of photoshop, editing, manipulation, etc. Monetary success in photography came a lot from marketing & SEO. Success with clients comes from learning interpersonal skills, as well as comprehending posing. At the same time, it is important to communicate the complexities to your customers. Some customers want raw, unedited work, which is unacceptable in cases like events where people are drunk & lighting is constantly changing. Consistency is important to success, so that your brand is not misrepresented. There are so many aspects to photography, and it is a lifelong endeavor to become better – just like with any field. Photography is art. Read more>>