We asked the community what factors they felt were responsible for their success and we’ve highlighted some of those responses below.

Ian Campopiano | Ontologics (Artist/Musician/Band)

Staying true to the vision, understanding monetary gain isn’t the goal, but rather creating a unique experience for the listeners and myself, and enjoying the process of conjuring sound. “Actual art is not a product in the end, it’s a message and movement to suspend time and enhance the space to which you occupy on this plain”. Assemble Them off Heading To The Outer Realm (LP III). Read more>>

Elizabeth Schneider | Wine podcast host and author of Wine for Normal People

After working in the wine industry and for a number of other big, corporate brands I realized that those places were not for me. I was a good worker but I had no desire to play the politics of office life. Although I’m open to other people’s ideas, I am a very honest person who is pretty bad at hiding when I think someone is insincere or when I don’t care for them, and I was not willing to suck up to get ahead — again, bad for office politics. Read more>>

Parisa Mansouri-Rad | President of Fourtwenty Collections & Co-Founder of Blunt Brunch

Sounds cliche, but following my passion for this has helped me work twice as hard. When you find your “why” Nothing will stop you! Read more>>

Sydney Rutherford | Digital Creator & Vet Admin

If I’m being frank – I don’t have a niche or fancy influencer talent. I literally just post content that I find motivating, interesting and all around dope. My lifestyle isn’t for everyone. It’s a cross between extreme sports, outdoor adventures and tiny home living. So you could say I’m trying to live my most authentic life. Read more>>

Fabio Silva | Owner Of Petrus Countertop & Remodeling

When Petrus was idealized we wanted to be the provider of excellence from the beginning to end in the countertop and remodeling business. In order to achieve our goal we realized that we had to take the time to listen to our customers’ needs first and foremost. Read more>>

Maxine Krasnow | Stoneware Potter and Pottery Teacher

I think the Tucson Clay Co-op is successful because our students and members feel that it is their studio, and that our studio represents their values. Our collectively thrown mugs and bowls – one person throws, another trims, another handles and another glazes is successful because it is win win – the customer gets a beautiful piece of hand crafted pottery at affordable prices and 100% of the profit goes to improve our beloved pottery studio. Read more>>