We reached out to some of our favorite entrepreneurs and asked them to think back and tell us about how they decided to start a business. Check out their responses below.

Kyle Krantz | Real Estate Consultant and Investor

Originally when I was planning my life, I was going to go to school, get a job, and save money for the rest of my life to hopefully one day retire in my 60’s. My senior year in high school I read the book, “Rich Dad Poor Dad” and that changed everything for me. From that point on I knew I was going to be a business owner if I ever wanted to get out of the Rat Race and live a life of financial freedom. Read more>>

Lexy Burris | Makeup Artist /Entrepreneur

I didn’t plan to run my own business it just happened and cliche as that sounds. But now that I do, my thought process was, “is there a need for my business? , what do I love about what I do, and how can I optimize?” Read more>>

George Flowers | Photo Booth Professional

During the pandemic, countless special events, including our wedding, had to be canceled, which was quite a hardship. We understood that after things returned to normal, we wanted to do something new and offer people a new and exciting service, and we felt that a booth that produces 360 degree slow motion videos delivering a fun interactive cinematic experience would bring smiles and joy back to people’s faces. Read more>>

Jennifer G. | VegasStarfish

During the COVID shutdowns it became evident that my well established career in the gaming industry guaranteed me nothing. It was all paused in a matter of days and I became reliant on updates from the government as to what aid I would qualify for. I knew then that I would take whatever steps necessary to no longer be dependent on a corporation for a paycheck. Read more>>

Tariq Polley | Founder and CEO of Sneaker Tongue

I wanted to start a movement that would represent all sneaker heads and sneaker lovers like myself. People who have an obsession for sneakers have always been labeled a sneaker head and that’s it. We are more than just a label. That’s why I came up with sneaker tongue. Read more>>

Sheri Wong | Owner of Soothing Ways

Every parent knows the stress of being a first time parent, but being a first time parent to a special needs child can produce even more anxiety and stress. I wanted to create something that was unique but also clean burning candles. Read more>>


From my childhood, I’ve always loved to unleash my inner creativity into all types of arts. Particularly, I took interest in applying henna to my friends and family. Because of all the positive reviews from my peers and encouragement from my family, I turned that hobby into something bigger. Read more>>

Minky Kang | Barista & Photographer

I’ve loved observing my surroundings since I was little and I’ve been looking for ways to express it. In the meantime, I thought that I could express my thoughts about what I observed through photography, so I started photography naturally. Read more>>

Erin Troyk | Founder, Designer & Stylist

I have always found myself captivated by men in business suits and women with a sophisticated look. I have a passion for fashion, and I enjoy being able to help people of all shapes and sizes feel comfortable and confident in what they wear. Today’s fashion is becoming more diverse, and people are reconsidering their choice to dress ordinary. Read more>>

Bill Travis | Founder and CEO Mesa Jazz and Blues Theater

Mesa did not have a theater for live music that specialized in top-level jazz and blues music, the music that originated in America. I felt there was a void to be filled so I formed an Arizona non-profit corporation and applied for the IRS 501(c)3 exemption so the theater could attract sponsors who also wanted to preserve and present that music in Mesa. Read more>>

CHRISTLE MCGINNIS | Tumbler maker & Epoxy artist

Having dealt with severe endometriosis & infertility, I knew if I was ever to have children of my own I would want to be able to stay home with them. After a successful round of IVF & a surprise pregnancy a few years later, I decided to take a leap of faith & just go for it! Read more>>

Vanessa Torre | Writer, Editor, and Podcast Host

At heart, I have always been a creative and expressive person. Yet, I spent over two decades working behind a desk in a fast-paced corporate environment. I always felt an aching toward something that felt more connected to who I am. As I got older, that aching became nearly urgent. Read more>>

Tammy Schmitt | Veterinarian and Practice Owner

I have always wanted to own my own animal hospital. My first dream was becoming a veterinarian. After practicing for several years, I realized that having my own practice would allow me to accomplish my goal of making a difference in the community. Read more>>

Sladjana Ahmetovic | Entrepreneur and Art Guide

I came to America when I was 8, and grew up in Atlanta. Being the youngest of 5, I started working at 15. Through my work history I have managed other small businesses, so I had a good idea of what it took to run a business. Read more>>

Sara Gerges | Travel Agent and Entrepreneur

The thought process behind starting my own business was simple. I’d had 10+ years managing other people’s businesses and I knew I enjoyed that, but I wanted more freedom. I have a young child, so I need a flexible schedule. Read more>>

Chris Tinard | Cinematographer

I’ve always been that guy who does things on his own, learn on his own, figure it out on his own. I briefly worked for a nonprofit after college, but quickly decided I wanted to do something different, and really didn’t even consider looking for a job. Read more>>

Daisy Arciga | Microblading Artist

The thoughts behind starting my own business was to finally do something for myself where I can help others love themselves even more. Owning my own business means I can be my own boss, have flexible hours and be able to spend time with my family. Read more>>