How do you think about risk? What role has taking risks played in your life/career? Check out responses from hidden gems from our community below.

Brianna Thaxton | Artist

It’s risky putting one’s self out there. Will I be accepted? I’m crossing my fingers I will be and by the right audience hopefully. It’s just as risky putting one’s art out there. Will it be accepted, copied, or stolen? Understood? Interesting enough to create discussion? Will it bring joy or some other emotion into the world? Taking risks is the catalyst for development. If I’m not being risky then I’m being lazy. Read more>>

Donna Cece | Owner Arizona Horseback Adventures, wrangler and proud horse rescuer

I feel there is no growth without taking risks. I had a successful career as a surgical orthopedic PA but my passion has always been horses. After being a rescue worker in NYC in Sept 11 I decided that life was too short and I was going to follow my passion and real dream of owning a horse business. Read more>>

Elaine Alcorn | Circus Performer and Artistic Director

When I think about risk, I immediately think about the calculated risks I take to do what I do. The nature of the beast is inherently dangerous and is titled that way. You can’t perform something death defying without the risk of death or serious injury at least. Read more>>

Debra Storey | Owner/ Fashion Designer

Being a risk taker is within a fashion designer’s core. If I don’t take risks, I won’t be able to discover new skills, designs and processes. Read more>> 

Yuri Kaplan | CEO / Founder of AdMass

I served 2 years in the military as a combat engineer where I was trained meticulously in working with explosives and in minefields. Every day presented a new challenge, but those two years taught me a lot about discipline, pushing yourself to your limits, and how to evaluate risk. Read more>>

Sabrina Gomez | By Bella Boutique Founder

If you’re not risking, then you’re not living. It’s simple as that. If you don’t take risks in life, then you won’t know what you’re capable of. When I started my business I had to make this same choice. Read more>>

Noel Duarte | Videographer / Influencer

I feel like risks define you as a person. Life’s all about progressing, failing, pursuing things etc.. You won’t grow as person if you don’t take a leap of faith, you can say at least you tried, and if it don’t work try again. Read more>>

Dr. Christina Schofield | Physical Therapist

Risk taking is a major part of my life and career. But, the idea of it, never fails to scare me! I know risk taking is necessary for growth in business and life. If I never risked leaving the only town I knew, to go to Doctorate school, I would not be where I am today. Read more>>

airview Treezy | Musical artist

My whole life I’ve always been a gambler so taking risk was kinda of second nature to me, it got me far in life mentally and physically so in my eyes I’d say get out there and take a risk but However you Have to be connected to your self you have to know what risk are meant to be taken. Read more>>

Maria Cortes | Owner & Creator of Di Luna Candles

Risk has taken a huge role in my life since I started my own business. I had an idea and I took the risk to make it into a brand, I can now say I quit my full time job to solely focus on my business. I carry my candles in 8 stores now, set up at farmer’s markets, and sell my candles online. All thanks to one risk I took. Read more>>

Jeffrey Carpenter | Psychic Medium & Rocket Scientist

For any business owner, and especially for entrepreneurs, risk taking is critical in actually manifesting the passions that led you to even considering the risks in the first place. We may be prompted to change our lives from a standard job and lifestyle to a hectic and stressful work environment. Read more>>