We asked insiders and experts from various industries to tell us something they think outsiders are unaware of and we’ve shared a few of those responses below.

AZFOODGUY | Arizona Foodie & Content Creator

A lot of people are unaware of how much work it takes. They see the content on social media, but they don’t see the amount of hours put into a photo or video. Any piece of content usually requires driving to a location, setting up the scene, capturing the content, etc. Then afterward, it is time to plan the narrative, edit the content, write an engaging copy, post the entire thing on multiple platforms, engage with the audience, & more. It’s also very fun, but all of the behind scenes activity is where the value is. Read more>>

Gabriela Navejas | Mom & entrepreneur and travel lover!

The amount of research that goes behind a product/formulation. When we decided to create a collection of lipsticks, we wanted to have Manuka Honey as a key ingredient, we found a fabulous chemist in LA – we thought the work was done!! We had no idea! The process was just starting. Formulating clean products is no easy task as new research comes in all the time regarding good and not so good ingredients. Using ingredients that we find in nature and finding the right synergy among them required many many many tests, a lot of disappointing results but a lot of wins too. It was like mixing math, chemistry, biology and fashion all in once. There are so many details that go into packaging, tubes, inks and more. So interesting! Read more>>

Kelly Karpeles | Paramedical Permanent Makeup Artist

In my industry permanent makeup, most people are unaware that unlike regular tattooing, permanent makeup (PMU) is a two part process that takes a total of 6 weeks to heal between appointments. With traditional tattooing the ink is deposited 6 layer deep into the skin and is permanent. With pmu the ink is deposited only 2 layers under the skin and the reasoning for this is so that as the client ages and styles change the pmu can fade and be updated. Read more>>