We asked insiders and experts from various industries to tell us something they think outsiders are unaware of and we’ve shared a few of those responses below.

Mattie McChesney | Artist & Student

Even though I’ve just begun scratching the surface of the design industry, I think I still have some insight into what goes on behind the scenes that outsiders, and even my past self, wouldn’t be aware of. For starters, art and design can mean many things to each person. It’s naturally quite subjective and that can make everything both confusing and wonderful. The beauty, I think, is that everyone sees, interprets, and understands art differently because of the hundreds of variables that influence them. A person’s culture, family, friends, hobbies, religious beliefs, personality, experiences, and knowledge are just a few of those elements. It almost seems like a double-edged sword that cuts perfectly into the idea that you just can’t please everyone. Read more>>

Garik Himebaugh | Founder of Eco-Stylist

2% of clothing makers earn a living wage. I was shocked to learn this and wanted to help people support the 2% of brands that are paying living wages. At Eco-Stylist sustainability isn’t just about eco-friendly manufacturing, it’s also about the human rights of workers. Read more>>

Melissa Rasmussen | In-Home Newborn Photographer

If I had a dollar for every time I have heard “Your camera takes great photos!”, I would be one rich woman! A lot of times, people think that it is the equipment that creates the beautiful image, but there is so much more to it! Does an oven bake a delicious cake by the press of a button? Of course the answer is no! Is an image captured by the press of a button? Yes. But that is not when the art is created, and photography is an ART! It is in the composition of the photo. the settings of the camera, and the editing process where the art of the photograph shines! You may be surprised at the amount of time a photographer sits in front of a computer screen to get the image just right. Read more>>

Matthew Ford | Media and Merch Designer

The process is very layered. Like other things in life making products and giving services is constant work like a sculptor working outside in a storm. While I build a brand, products, and clientele, many things take place to make me have to start over in certain areas. Not much stays the same so I imagine when I’m finally established it will take a lot of work to pin point the qualities and make sure they never change. For example, with the issues for mailing we’ve had recently I have had to test different services to see which have the most integrity and even then I still may have to make calls to make sure their service doesn’t fail. Read more>>

Christina Gagliano | Wedding Stationer and Designer

Most people aren’t aware of the amount of time that goes into creating wedding stationery and invitations. A single design can take hours, plus revisions, additional design, printing and the assembling invitations together into the envelopes. A single wedding client who purchases custom invitations from me could take me 40-60 hours of working time. Read more>>