Through our work we have been constantly amazed at the incredible things people in every neighborhood are working on. What’s even more exciting is that they all have different stories, backgrounds, strengths and weaknesses. That there isn’t a single formula for success means that everyone can take their unique set of strengths and characteristics and turn it into a success story. We recently reached out to some folks we admire and asked them what characteristics they feel are responsible for their success.

Caleb Marsh | Storyteller & Entrepreneur

First off, success is somewhat of an elusive word. I am naturally very driven towards achieving an end result, often at the sake of being present in the process of getting there. I also have this super great, totally healthy tendency to set new goals before I reach current goals, so it’s not often that I take the time to reflect on past goals and see how far I’ve come. But if you’re going to force me to do that… Read more>>

Jamie Thurber | Business & Lifestyle Coach

I’d say the single most important factor behind my success has been to do it my way, that no matter how much noise there was out there trying to tell me that I could mold myself to fit someone else’s idea of what I should be, that I never did. I’ve always stayed true to who I am, how I want to show up, how I want to help people, and how I want my life to be. Read more>>

Collin Stevic | Independent Musician/Producer (Artist Name: Paklite)

Being an independent musician, success for myself means exploring new paths in the music community and honestly just always having fun. The most important factor behind my success would be my passion for creating music and collaborating with others. Some of my best ideas come when working together with a variety of people from different backgrounds, cultures, and music influences. Read more>>

Alejandro Orellana Mendoza | Journalist and content creator

Being myself, never try to be anyone else in that way you value you more, appreciate your’e time and always look for ways to improve if you think you make all your’e contents good and don’t see the mistakes you make there is a problem. Trust the process Read more>>

Andrew McLean | CEO & Product Designer

Recognizing the power of the underdog. Our brand, from the very beginning, sought to enter and compete in an international market space dominated by very large, very powerful, and very well established brands. The biggest advantage we had in 2013 when I sketched our first concepts in a notebook, and continue to exploit today, is that we are not constrained by the “establishment mentality” of behemoth corporations. Ironically, all of the legacy attributes these giants often promote in their marketing – longstanding traditions, generational stability, fame, wealth, etc Read more>>

Elyssa Bustamante | The Funky Latina, Music Blogger & Event Producer

Like most music bloggers, I love music. But I am also an event planner and CEO of Funky Latina Productions — a company devoted to showcasing Latinx musicians and event production. This is what makes me unique. There are a lot of music bloggers, but only one Funky Latina. And my mission is to spread paz, love, and funk. Read more>>

Connor M. Rosenbaum | Vice President of Arizona State Men’s Soccer Club

The most important factor to our success has been creating a hard working and positive atmosphere at practice where each and every player are encouraged to improve their skills. As a result, tough opposition become less daunting and the confidence in our team’s abilities increases. Important games are won with the extraordinary effort given behind the scenes. Read more>>

Sarah Woolverton | Owner and Founder of Betty Blue Rescue Inc. and Wildflower’s Kitchen

To me, the most important factor behind success…is PASSION. If you are not passionate, what is the point? Honestly, your passion can be driven by anything, whether money, joy, karma, or desperation. If you can find an avenue to share that passion or accomplish what is the driving force behind that passion…that is true success. For me, being successful as a NonProfit Rescue simply comes down to helping animals. I am passionate about it, it brings me joy. Read more>>

Anthony Brass | Visual Artist & Musician

You must have genuine passion and love for what you do if you want to reach your full potential. I feel the most important factor for my success has been just that. When I paint something, it will only come out truly great if I allow myself to completely lose myself in the creating process and put my full self into my work. When I am able to accomplish this, my artwork comes out very genuine and authentic. This to me is the most important aspect of what makes a piece of art great. Is it true? is it authentic? and genuine? In order to accomplish that you need love and passion for what you do. Read more>>

Yvett Adams | Professional Elite Model

The most important factor behind my success is self-discipline staying consistent creating my image where I want to see results knowing I can get the best quality while pin pointing where I need to readjust. It takes a big factor as a professional elite model I’m learning everyday to inspire and grow on how it feels to keep pushing tours my achievements. Read more>>

Nakia Walker | Film Producer, Talent Manager & Venue Owner

The most important factor behind my success is my peace. Being able to keep a level head, and safe guard my mental space, I afford myself the opportunity to accomplish more by simply being able to think clearly. Read more>>

Gina Noyce | Tattoo Artist

I would say the most important factor of my success would be staying true to what I believe and what I want for my business and myself. It is easy to be persuaded by so many outside factors wether it is other people, social media, etc. Someone always has an idea or opinion of how you should do it or how thing should be. My business is called “No Vacancy Ink”, with the meaning being there is no room for anyone or anything that doesn’t benefit myself or my business. If you truly believe in what you are doing and love what you do, stick to it and stay relentless and things will begin to fall into place exactly how they are meant to. Read more>>