We asked insiders and experts from various industries to tell us something they think outsiders are unaware of and we’ve shared a few of those responses below.

Ila Alagia Wist | Artistic Glamour Photographer for All Women / Writer / Artist

The one thing about Butterfly Beauties Photography that people are unaware of is that %98 of the women on my websites or social media have never done this before. It was literally their first time! All of these women were nervous and shy, but all of my clients ended up loving their photos and some even cried after seeing how wonderful they turned out. They are not models – as most people think would be. So I want to share that Butterfly Beauties is for every woman! Read more>>

Stephanie Shields | Director of Arizona Advanced Electrology Training

Electrolysis has been around for over 100 years. It was started by an optometrist who is trying to remove ingrown eyelashes from their patients in the late 1800’s. Read more>>

Jasmine Gibson | Chief Marketing Officer

Most people think social media marketing is a quick return on their investment. The most popular goals are: bring me more clients, sell more of my products, increase my followers, grow my website visitors. While each of these goals are easy to track, the underrated method to our success in managing social media campaigns is research. I think this is an industry secret and a key to our success. From competitor research to brand voice, social media marketing isn’t successful unless you do your homework. Our content writers and designers spend anywhere between 5-12 hours researching a brand before creating the first caption. Read more>>

Ashley Stewart | Professional Home & Life Organizer

One thing that most outsiders of the organizer industry are probably not aware of is that there is a lot of mess before there is perfection. My following on Instagram get to see all the highlights and IG worthy posts. But before we get to the finished product, there is a lot of ugly! We always tell clients things are going to look way worse before they look better. Part of our process is to take EVERYTHING OUT! So you can imagine our client’s suppose when they see years of collecting all in piles on the countertops and floors! Read more>>

Suzanne Wright | Freelance Copywriter

Most writers I know begin “writing” with a series of activities I call “make ready.” That’s when you do the dishes, water the plants, start the laundry, clear your email, call your mom, make a snack, pay your bills, stream a video (or three), and otherwise procrastinate before you face the keyboard. Read more>>