We asked experts from a broad range of industries to open up to us about things they know about their industry but that we probably don’t and we’ve shared some of those responses below.

Sausha Parham | New Entrepreneur and Health Enthusiast

One thing that many may be aware of, as well as myself until I got into this industry, is that it is really hard to deal w/ banks and other types of payment processors. My brand is Cannabis adjacent, not even directly Cannabis. I have a brand of Hemp / Vegan rolling papers. However, they treat me as if I am dealing Cannabis. With that, I have had to jump through so many hoops to simply be able to process credit card payments on my website. Now I truly understand why it is considered a cash business right now until Federally approved. Gratefully, we made it successfully through the process and now have everything set up the way we need to in order to thrive in the industry! Read more>>

Bernadette Carroll | Executive Director, Act One

Almost every non-profit arts organization is at a disadvantage, especially in the fundraising department, when is comes to dealing with a mass public perception that the arts are expendable. This perception was magnified even more when the COVID-19 pandemic drove everything to a halt. Arts organizations that rely on the earned revenue stream of ticket sales and admissions, were shuttered. And understandably, donors, corporations and foundations that typically fund arts programs pivoted to support health and human services. At the same time, the arts also bloomed as a form of self-expression in dealing with the emotions brought on by the pandemic: people coming together to serenade health care workers, impromptu concerts streamed by musicians, chalk art messages of encouragement and more. Read more>>

Tiara Lisa Rodgers | Licensed Massage Therapist and Creator of Myst7c Crown

The one thing that people are unaware of is the benefits massage therapy gives. I want my mission to be enlighten people of how massage therapy is essential for living a happy, and self love kind of lifestyle. I know that some people think that its only for ones who have money and can afford the luxury, but its affordable as well by becoming a Myst7c Crown Member. Massage increase the self love we have and decreases the unnecessary stress we tend to burden ourselves with. Read more>>

Randy Kauk | Medical Director Elle Aesthetics

Plenty of nurses or other medical providers take a training course for Botox and dermal fillers and feel like they’re ready to open a medspa. One of the things that people outside of the industry are not aware of is the number of business activities that have to be undertaken. Some decisions that need to be made are how the business will be structured and what the insurance needs are. I had to obtain an LLC, liability insurance and malpractice insurance in addition to finding my rental space. I also had to figure out how to open accounts with companies such as Allergen, Galderma, and McKesson. Read more>>

Jan Crystal Smith | Sales & Marketing Director

COMPLEXITY. Many aspects of Digital Marketing are easily and freely accessible, so many outsiders don’t consider it to be challenging. Anybody can sponsor a post on social media but many professionals outside our industry typically don’t have the experience or skill set to create & optimize a complete, successful ad campaign. Every successful marketer has their own formula they use to recreate high-performing campaigns for clients, which took time & creativity to develop. A good marketer also has some sort of sales background, which helps in creating targeted audiences and ad concepts that speak to ideal customers. Our thought process is much more complex than many realize. Read more>>