We asked some of the most inspiring folks in the community to tell us where they want to be professionally by the end of their careers.

Taylor Edoria | Writer/Singer-Songwriter

The end goal is to have a school built, teaching and treating effects of historical trauma on children, teenagers and young adults through the arts and self discipline. Being of African descent as well as of the indigenous Americans, it is important to me that I know my history and educate myself, stay disciplined, and hone my skills of being an artist. My journey of self discovery has a great deal to do with my passion and influences my art a lot, wether Im writing a song or scripting. Read more>>

Renata Henderson | Hair Extension Specialst/ Entrepreneur/Mentor

My end goal is to become the best version of myself! I want to use my passion as a hairstylist to walk into my purpose of serving, inspiring, and empowering others . Being a hairstylist I have connected with so many amazing people over the years. Through these interactions, I recognized that my gifts and talents could be used in other ways other than just hairstyling. One of things I want to do is mentor and teach women as it relates to the beauty industry. I am actually in the process of making a transition into setting the foundation for this goal. I am creating online content for current and future hairstylists who are interested in establishing themselves as business owners. They will have access to training content as well as a mentorship program. I also want to be more of a service to women through ministry. I definitely would love to motivate women to tap into their confidence by helping them develop their inner beauty. I have worked in an industry where its primary focus is outer beauty. I just want to make more of a statement that inner beauty will always shine brighter than outer beauty. I am excited to see where God leads me. Read more>>

Laurel Stavros | Blogger & Brand Stylist

I do not have an end goal for my career, I like to think I will be constantly pivoting and growing and am excited for whatever that may be and where I will end up. I started my business as a hobby and it evolved very quickly to an income generating blog, now that expanded to social media and now I do product styling. One of the exciting things in my creative career is I really do not know what is next and every project is different. Read more>>

Jason Moon | Songwriter, Musician, Non-Profit Manager

Due to my military service connected injuries and disabilities, i do anticipate a much shorter career and life span. Perhaps publishing this will assist in brining me closer to this, my primary life goal as both a non-profit manager, veterans advocate, and artist. This is without a doubt, my life’s mission and career goal. Warrior Songs celebrates 10 years of bringing healing to Veterans through the creative arts. What started out as the personal healing journey of founder Jason Moon, has grown into an internationally recognized non-profit with 33 confirmed suicides prevented to date. We are excited to announce our 10 year plan for our flagship “Story to Song” program. Warrior Songs – 10 year – 10 cd – plan Complete 2016 – “If You Have to Ask… Warrior Songs Vol. 1” – Veterans (nondescript) 2018 – “Women at War: Warrior Songs Vol. 2” – Women Veterans (2019 WAMI Album of the Year. Read more>>