We asked some of the most inspiring folks in the community to tell us where they want to be professionally by the end of their careers.

Jennifer Vandegriff, LCSW | Therapist and Group Practice Owner

When I think about my end goal, in the words of Hamilton, “I wanna build something that’s gonna outlive me.” I started my group therapy practice solo in a 450 SF office with no windows. 18 months later we are moving to a four office suite and I employ four people. I always knew I wanted to focus on women’s issues. It seemed like a natural fit and there’s something affirming about working with people who get it. My ultimate dream is to create a holistic wellness hub for women. A place where our clients can receive integrated services for their bodies and minds. We are taking one step at a time to reach our ultimate goal and I have a great team and supportive family and friends, We are working together to build something that we’re proud of, and that serves the community and the need for women to have a place where they are understood and valued. Read more>>

HairDoc TK | Holistic Hair Extensions Expert ,Trainer & Wellness Consultant

After 35 years of ongoing research and personal life experiences I have now found out the root issue of Hairloss and want to teach and educate the masses . At the age of 17 I started my own hair loss journey and is why I began searching for extensions . After experiencing cancer at the age of 40 and having even more hair loss , my focus became around the medical community and I started my own holistic hair extensions business and began to start teaching and mentoring those who want to Train in trichology as well as hair extensions and hair restoration as it all is connected . As the Ceo of my own companies with my own patent and my own personal brand , HairDoc TK, I’m now finally Able to mentor and tutor my communities with over 35 years of continuing education to provide the safest, most effective natural Holistic hair extensions systems and hair Regrowth solutions. Read more>>

Vo Vera | Street Arts Collective

I will preface this answer by first noting that my initial thought of an end goal, in the traditional American context, was material, and status-based. I want the collective to have created so much work, and to have supported themselves financially to some extent for some duration. On second thought, I want the collective to have inspired many people to be more aware in their navitating through the situations in life that can lead one down a path in a good way that honors onself. I want us to have encouraged self-development, inner growth, and a sense of direction, awareness of that direction, and understanding of that direction’s impact on oneself and everyone around that person. In short, together we rise. In doing what we love to do, there is no greater reward than to serve inspiration. Whether this be on the dance floor, in a gallery, on a stage, or via virtual means, we will feel most fulfilled at the end knowing that we served. Read more>>

Gloria Jawaro | Beauty Blogger & Influencer

I am a Beauty Blogger from Phoenix, Arizona who posts instructional cosmetic content online. I provide my audience with a platform where they can trust and rely on my makeup credibility. After graduating with my Bachelors in Business in 2020, it gave me the opportunity to become serious with posting on my social media accounts and turn my passion for beauty into a brand. The end goal is to launch my own cosmetic line by the age of 30 and create more than just makeup products. I want to build a community that radiates positivity, confidence and passion. “Pursue the things you love doing, and then do them so well that people can’t take their eyes off you.” -Maya Angelou. Read more>>

Samuel Speaker | Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist

My end goal is to redefine and raise the industry standard of massage and bodywork. I plan on doing this by starting my own franchise that will make companies like massage envy and elements massage obsolete. Massage and bodywork is healthcare and should be treated as such. This industry should be results and client focus driven. For this line of work to be taken seriously as healthcare these companies should not be the face of the industry so my end goal is to be the face of the industry and make massage and bodywork a standard of care for everyone in America while pushing for it to be covered by insurance as it should be. Read more>>